Enigma '09

Quiz: Enigma ’09

Host: JBIMS, Mumbai

Type: Online

BizQuiz 1: 20th October 2009

BizQuiz 2: 24th October 2009

Register at: www.dare2compete.com/quiz.php


Quizzes @ Aatmatrisha'09

Loads of quizzes including sports,biz-tech and ent.

Host: PESIT, Bangalore.

Date: 17th to 19th April 2009

Offcial Website:http://aatmatrisha.pes.edu


Event Name: Quiz

Date/Time: 18th April, Saturday 9am

Ticket Price: Rs.60 /-

Description: Run through the whole gamut of quizzes we have on offer. A true demand of intellectual stamina as you battle time, rack your brains and fend off competition.

Biz-Tech Quiz

Ticket Price: Rs.30/-
18th April, Saturday 11am

  • This includes the latest trends in business and cutting edge technology.
  • No of participants per team:  2
  • Time required for the event: 30mins (prelims) + 1 hour (finals)

Entertainment Quiz

Ticket Price: Rs.30/-
18th April, Saturday 12Noon

  • No of participants per team:  2
  • Time: 30mins (prelims) + 1 hour (finals)
  • Preferable venue: F-block class room + Seminar hall or Audi for finals

Sports Quiz

Ticket Price: Rs.30/-
17th April, Friday 3pm

  • No of participants per team:  2
  • Time: 30mins (prelims) + 1 hour (finals)

Online Quiz

  • A set of 50 questions will be uploaded on the AT website and the questions will be just released just before the start of the fest and the participants are required to download the questionnaire from the AT website and mail the answers to the given e-mail id within 24 Hrs.
  • Web Address: Will be announced shortly
  • Quiz goes online on 16th April.
    Email id: quiz@at.pes.edu
  • One per team.
  • Open to all and no entry fee for it.

Online Quizzes – A Prelude to Instincts '09

SSN College Of Engg., Chennai


INSTINCTS 2009 (MARCH 5 – 7)


Quiz open to all UG students, PG students & Corporates across the country.


Online Quiz – 1 on March 1, 2009

Online Quiz – 2 on March 2, 2009

Online Quiz – 3 on March 3, 2009

Time: 10 PM – 11 PM

The Questions will be from the field of Business, Sports, Entertainment & General.

Prizes Worth Rs. 5000/- to be won.

The Question set will be uploaded in the below mentioned site at 10 PM sharp on the specified dates. Answers should be mailed to the mail ID mentioned in the Quiz set within 11 PM. Late entries will not be accepted in any case.

Website: http://www.instincts.org.in/

Team Size: 2 participants (Max.)

(Both the Participants must be from the same Institution / Organization)

Any number of Teams can participate from the same Institution / Organization.
Same person cannot be in more than one team.

For Queries:

Muthu (09884419543)

Madhanish (09962624048)

Jayakumar G B (09884033991)