Tata Crucible 2009 Kolkata Questions

Review and Questions thanks to Debasish Mukherjee (mjunction-the Tata Track winners)


On a wet & windy Saturday afternoon all roads led to the GD Birla Sabhaghar to witness the 6th edition of the TATA crucible quiz. Hundreds of quizzing aficionados landed up at the venue to witness a nerve wrecking evening of quizzing

As usual we started off with a 25 question prelim after which 6 teams were selected to appear in the internal track of quiz. The teams that qualified for the internal track were TCS 1,Virgin mobile, TCS 2 ,TCS 3(represented by 4 time national champion Sabyasachi Chandra & 2 time National winner Biswabijoy Sen), mjunction services limited & TCS 4.After a stiff competition mjunction represented by Debasish Mukherjee & Subasis Dey emerged the winners defending their title in the process. TCS 1 represented by Sudip Kalyan Dey & Abhishek Das were the runners up.

In the external track that followed the teams which qualified for the finals were CTS, Telegraph, Vizag Steel, R.B.I ,Standard Chartered Bank & Electro zavod. In a low scoring final the teams were all bunched together before the last round where Vizag Steel represented by Rahul Jayanti & AGK Murthy surged forward with 2 breathtaking answers. Vizag Steel have now won this quiz 5 times in a row. Truly an outstanding achievement. Telegraph represented by Rishin & Devdan Mitra had to remain content with second spot for the second year in a row.

The prelims questions were as follows

1.Which management guru of Indian origin has emerged as the most influential management guru in times of recession?

1. Ram Charan

2. In which landmark building is the restaurants XEX, Diamond tony & shin ye located?

2. Taipei 101

3. Which landmark was designed by David Rockwell of the Rockwell group & is now owned by the CIM group?

3. Kodak Theatre

4. Term for standardization , efficiency & productivity coined as a pun on a major fast food chain?

4. Mcdonalist

5. Book cover-Rationality & Freedom written by

5. Amartya Sen

6. Why was 1964 called the year of the tiger on madision avenue?

6. Esso-Put a tiger in your tank

7. Which Actor joined Hindi service of BBC in 1939 after taking the blessings of Mahatma Gandhi.

7. Balraj Sahni

8. Bhiwadi produces 70% of this countrys production of this item.It alleviates pain.What?

8. Dental chair for dentist

9.Which brands mascot is shepton dash?

9. Dulux

10.Pic- Micheal Dell

11. Which media groups venture into Internet is called firefly e ventures?

11. HT group

12. Which company has tied up with the US Govt in a venture to identify missing children?

12. Poloroid

13.Which company has overtaken saregama to be the largest music company in India?

13. Airtel

14. Warran Buffets quote on how ———— could be a source of endless losses?

14. Newspapers

15.Pic- Rajat Gupta

16.Tied up with SBI for maintainance of 1200 ATM’s.

16. Daibold

17.Brand Ambassador of Asian heart institute?

17. Akshay Kumar

18.Which film had a hotline in which you could abuse the lead characters?

18. Dev D

19.Name of lottery game in IPL?

19. Six up

20. New Brand launched by Frito lays ?

20. Aliva

21.NIIT has tied up with which company to provide training to future BPO employees

21. Genpact

22. Something to do with a networked world?


23.Which bank has issued credit cards to only 100 persons in the world?

23. Koots

24. Ad-Bank of India

25. Ad-Centrefresh

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St Xavier's Kolkata Alumni Quiz

ALSOC, the alumni association of St. Xavier’s School, Kolkata, is organising an Alumni Quiz on 12 Sept 2009 as part of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.
The salient details are as follows:
1. Teams of three from the same school or college from anywhere in India. of which at least one must be an alumnus of that institition. Of course, all the members may be alumni. Alumni of different colleges from the same Univ will not be allowed to participate as a team.
2. There is no entry fee; registration  at the venue-St. Xavier’s College Auditorium- commencing from 3 pm. Prelims from 4 pm. 8 teams qualify for the final
3. QM-Gautam Ghosh; Guest QM-Neil O’Brien
4. Entry restricted to the first 40 teams.
5. Attractive prizes in cash and kind for the top 3 teams. Dinner for all finalists.
Interested teams are requested to send their entries to coolghosh@vsnl.net
For any clarification, pl call Mr Ghosh at 098300 44093.

TCS IT Wiz 2009

TCS IT Wiz Sample Questions downloadable here

Bangalore: Bishop Cotton Boys School – Rishab Mehta & Manish Burman

Kolkata: St. James School – Anurag Sarkar & Vaarnan Drolia

Bhubaneshwar: DAV Pokhariput – Aurojyoti Das & Ambarish Sarangi

Find the review and prelims questions from Bhubaneshwar here

Kochi: Pallikoodam – Kottayam – Vignesh G & Roshan Joseph George

Questions from the Kochi Edition here

Delhi: DPS Noida – Abhishek Gupta & Arjun J

Review and Questions from Delhi Edition here

Coimbatore: St Jude’s Public School: Akash Lodha & Hiren Barai

Review and Questions from Coimbatore Edition here

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Game, Set & Match- The Sports Quiz





On: Saturday, the 20th of June, 2009

At: Space Cirle

Q.M.: Somnath Chanda & Ashoke Sanyal (of “Quizzing Unlimited”)

Presented by: Adverb


Proposed Format

* Teams should have maximum 3 participants.

 (Top 8 teams will qualify for the final)


For any further details please contact —–

Ø  Somnath – 9874056162

Ø  Ashoke – 9830190982

Ø  Biswabijoy – 9831127130

 Email – somnathquiz@gmail.com   


World Quizzing Championship 2009

The World Quizzing Championships will be held at 4:00pm. on Saturday, June 6 2009. (Registration at 3:30 pm)

 The different cities and venues in India are mentioned below


The Auditorium 
Command Hospital Air Force 
Old Airport Road, Bangalore-7 

Contact @ Blore hospital is Maj. Puneet Aggarwal Ph:-9449815834. 



P.S Senior Secondary school, Alamelumangapuram, Mylapore, Chennai – 04

Ashwin Prabhu at +91 9840718533 or Ashwin.prabhu@gmail.com



Site: Room No. II – LT-1, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 
Tel. 09899238968 
Email : bshriram@gmail.com 


Panjim City Corporation Hall, Panjim.
Email: tallulahdsilva@gmail.com



Venue: International School of Business (ISB&M), EN-22, Sector-V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-64 (near WEBEL Gate)

Gautum Ghosh- 098300 44093



Innobox Systems Pvt Ltd.
#G19, Ground Floor,
Swarnajayanthi Complex,
SR Nagar, Hyderabad -73

Lathish Venugopal (lathish@google.com) Ph:- 98858 02924







Site: Calicut University Campus Seminar Hall 
Mallapuzha, Kerala
Contact : Snehaj Srinivas 
Tel: +91 – 9895316264 


Pinstorm, Ground Floor, Swati House, 
Next to Kotak Bank on Linking Road, 
North Avenue,  Santa Cruz (W), Mumbai


This year’s event is taking place in 42 locations across 24 countries, making it the largest ever! This website contains information on how you can participate in the most prestigious quiz competition on the planet, along with hundreds of other players from around the globe.

More and complete details here

Brand Equity Quiz 2009 – Updates

National Champions – Accenture, Delhi

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April 29 – Kolkata- ITC ( Pranay Rao & Sreerang)

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April 27 – Ahmedabad – Triton Communications ( Mayur Rana & Mahesh Manjawala)

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April 25 – Mumbai – Sun Microsystems (Mitesh Agarwal & )

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April 24 – Pune – Savoir Faire (Harshvardhan Bhatkuly & Rajiv D ‘ Silva)

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April 22 – Indore- Bhilai Steel Plant (C Chandrashekhar & S Ramani)

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April 20 – Delhi- Accenture (Rohan Khanna & )

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April 19 – Hyderabad- JWT Mindset (Anvar Alikhan & Arif Akbar)

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April 17 – Kochi – Aufait Technologies (Shamanth Rao and Paul Rajan Eralil)

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April 15 – Bangalore – IBM (Lehar & Shumantro)

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April 13- Chennai- Sanmar Group (Ramkumar & Deepesh)

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