Limca Book of Records 2011 | Kolkata Questions

Arunav Chanda from DPS, Ruby Park reviews the Limca Book of Recirds – Kolkata Edition and provides the questions from the Quiz. Review taken from

There were around 250+ teams from 98 schools.
The prelims were hosted by Andrew Scolt and the main quiz by none other than Derek O’Brien himself!
Eventually, DPS Ruby Park consisting of Mitul Dey Chowdhury and Arunavha Chanda came 1st.
1st: DPS Ruby Park
2nd: Apeejay School, Park Street
3rd: Birla High School for Boys
4th: La Martiniere for Boys
5th: Modern High School for Girls
6th: National Gems Higher Secondary School
PRELIMS: Highest-28/30 and  Cutoff – 26/30
1. Who is the only Test cricketer to have scored more runs than Don Bradman, but failed to score in his last innings?
Ans: Sourav Ganguly
2. Which river forms India’s Waterway no. 1?
Ans: Ganga
3. Which Indian state had the first woman CM?
Ans: Uttar Pradesh
4. Which Bollywood actor would you associate with the “Being Human” foundation?
Ans: Salman Khan
5. How do we better know singer, Steffani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?
Ans: Lady Gaga
6. The President of which country is also the honorary co-prince of Andorra?
Ans: France
7. On which Indian currency note would you find the picture of a computer monitor?
Ans: Rs. 1000/-
8. In October, 2011, the world’s highest webcam was installed on top of which mountain peak?
Ans: Mt. Everest
9. Which painting attracts more than 6 million people every year to the ‘Louvre Museum’?
Ans: The Mona Lisa
10. On 10th May, 2001, who sang the ghazal, ‘Lagta Nahin Dil Mera…’ in the Parliament to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the First War of Indian Independence?
Ans: Jagjit Singh
11. On 9th July 2011, ___________ became the newest country in the world.
Ans: South Sudan
12. Which computer keyboard symbol is traditionally called the pound sign or the number sign in USA?
Ans: # (or) Hash
13. Which continent produces 90% of the world’s rice?
Ans: Rice
14. What is the official colour of the Queen and the Royal Family of the Netherlands?
Ans: Orange
15. Which scientist saved his city in Sicily from Romans by practical application of pulleys and levers?
Ans: Archimedes
16. Omnitrix and the Humungosaur dinosaur can be associated with which television series?
Ans: Ben 10
17. In October 2011, MPs of UK voted to allow which Social Networking site during debates in the House of Commons?
Ans: Twitter
18. Buzz Aldrin, the 2nd man on the moon, appeared in which 2011 Hollywood action film?
Ans: Transformers 3
19. Chef Rafael Esposito designed which food item in honour of Queen Margherita in the colours of the Itaian flag?
Ans: Pizza
20. The adult males of which primate are called ‘silverbacks’?
Ans: Gorilla
21. Elle Sirleaf and Leymah Gbowee, winners of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, hail from which country?
Ans: Liberia
22. In which 1865 children’s novel will you find the the King, Queen and Knave of Hearts?
Ans: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
23. Plasma, which makes up 55% of blood fluid, is basically 92% what?
Ans: Water
24. Camp, Golf, Polo and Half are all types of Shirt, Trousers or Coats?
Ans: Shirts
25. Which Asian country emits more CO2 than USA and Canada combined?
Ans: China
26. Which cartoon is this?
Ans: Chota Bheem
27.Identify the game.
Ans: Kho-Kho
28.Which creature, also called dwarf leopard is this?
29. There was a vague Bengali song played, we had to identify the singer.
Ans: Shreya Ghoshal
30. [Chammak Challo] Music director?
Ans: Vishal-Sekhar.

Brand Equity Quiz 2011 | National Finals Review

Brand Equity Quiz 2011 | National Final

The finale of the latest edition of the Brand Equity Quiz, an initiative by The Economic Times, took place on Nov. 5 at NCPA, Mumbai, before a 1,000-strong audience. The ten winning teams from the regional rounds battled it out in the preliminary round before conceding defeat to Endeavour from Ahmedabad, Nokia from Hyderabad, TCS from Kolkata and Infosys from Pune, who moved on to the finals. This year, Abhishek Das and Sudip Kalyan Dey from TCS Kolkata were deemed the champions of the Brand Equity Quiz 2011, which was hosted by veteran quiz master, Derek O’Brien.

Commenting on the finalist teams, O’Brien said: “The top four were a fresh bunch of teams who have never won before. Indeed, favourites like Savoir Faire from Mumbai, TCS Mumbai, and Accenture Delhi, hardly put up a fight and were out of contention. The TCS Kolkata team were early favourites of the evening and they did not disappoint the crowd.” O’Brien attributed the success of the winning team to their knowledge of India and international news.

Being regular participants in the weekly round of quizzes at TCS, Das and Dey considered their counterparts from TCS Mumbai and Bangalore to be their closest competition. Regular exposure to all possible questions and keeping in touch with knowledge was the mantra behind TCS Kolkata’s success. Commenting on the same, the winners said: “Reading regularly is important because of the range of subjects covered in the Brand Equity Quiz is not something one can prepare for.”

Das and Dey walked away with a Mahindra Mighty Muscular Scorpio each, the winner’s trophy, and over Rs.1.5 lakh worth of prizes. They received their prizes from Himanshu Kapania, MD, Idea Cellular; and Vivek Nayer, Sr. VP Marketing (automotive sector), Mahindra & Mahindra; along with Bhaskar Das, President, BCCL. Infosys Pune came through as the runners-up in the event, for which they received the trophy from Sashi Shankar, CMO, Idea Cellular.

A number of audience members were also gratified with prizes like a washing machine, microwave oven, tablets, mobile phones, wrist watches and biggest of all, a home theatre system, for correctly answering questions.

Source: Efaqs

Brand Equity Questions 2011- Chennai Edition

Brand Equity Questions 2011- Chennai Edition

In its 20th year, the Brand Equity Quiz went classic with a complete blast from the past inspired by old ads! The 2011 edition kicked off with Chennai. This year finalists were provided with smartphones to google answers in the first round! In the end, CRISIL won the quiz and will represent Chennai in the National Finals !

You can follow the action of Brand Equity in all other cities here

But for now, the questions

Brand Equity Questions – Chennai 2011 Prelims

1.            Blinding edge picture Indian origin director in Hollywood owns it ? MN Shyamalan

2.            What was created to promote Catalina swimsuits ? Miss Universe Contest

3.            What is the maximum amount that can be sent on a single telegraphic transfer is it 1000 2000 5000 10000? 5000

4.            Most sold car in India in 2010 – Santro  Figo  Alto? Alto

5.            What in spore is solund under the name thosai ? Dosa

6.            What is the motif on the chola kingdom coins ? Tiger

7.            St Andrew , Kelvin , Onassis & Victoria are ways to tie what – Bandana , Tie , G String, Shoe lace? Tie

8.            Which country received the second largest spasm in 2010 after US ? India

9.            Cricketer nicknamed punter? Ponting

10.          If you are using oyster card for local travel which country will you be traveling – Kolkata, London, Melbourne, Delhi? London

11.          USD 9 billion has been spent to eradicate which disease and which still cost 1 billion yearly – Polio , Malaria , Influenza? Polio

12.          Which queen asked MF Hussain to paint 99 arab conversation in canvas? Queen of Qatar

13.          National inventors day celebrated for whom in US? Edison

14.          INC president nephew of Karuppiah nadar worked in his textile business? Kamaraj

15.          Aish biggest paycheck ? Robot

16.          India ______ recycling sector has 9000 cr revenue & employs 3 million people – Glass , plastic , cowdung? Plastic

17.          In 2002 was bought for $ 800,000 who bought it?

18.          In I sakthisalt what does I stands for? Iodine

19.          Who gets ahigher salary rajya sabha mp or loksabha mp or is it equal? Both equal

20.          Whose followers are called the merrymen? Robinhood

21.          Logo of BCCI

22.          Poster of Mechanic? Jason Statham

23.          Where is Jules verne restaurant? Paris Eiffel tower

24.          Audio – Bryan Adams

25.          Audio – Bill gates

26.          What is the actual profession of Perry Mason? Lawyer

27.          Written is collaboration with MS Krishnan “The new age of innovation “was written by? CK Prahlad

28.          Who is the hindu god who is a maker of Ornaments ? Viswakarma

29.          ______ awaas yojana was started in 1985? Indira

30.          Firefox is name and has the resemblance to which animal ? Red Panda

Alos, find below some Brand Equity Questions from the Chennai Finals

Brand that says sweetest place on earth ? Hersheys
Latin word Augeo Auctus means to increase? Auction
Kadi, Jwala , Kashmiri are commercial name of a commodity? Mirchi
Connect between Current English Cricketer and Swarowski crystals? Graeme Swann and it’s the logo of swarowski

If you are participating in any other cities, we’re sure these questions will give you a heads up on the preparation required.

For those who want to have a look at the previous years’ Brand Equity questions, follow the links below

A thorough read through previous editions’ Brand Equity Questions will definitely give participants a good direction to prepare for their city finals.

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And while you’re at preparation, previous Tata Crucible Questions would also help

Brand Equity Questions from the previous years.

Brand Equity Quiz 2011

Brand Equity Quiz 2011

Earlier this year Derek O Brien through his Twitter handle announced that the Brand EquityQuiz wouldn’t happen till June 2011 pushing from the standard March-April schedule.

Quizzers were skeptic about this year’s edition considering a push into the last 5 months of the year, but here it is : The Biggest, Oldest and Grandest Business Quiz in the country – Brand Equity Quiz is Back!!

Sweeping through 9 cities in just a fortnight, registrations are now open for Brand Equity Quiz 2011!

 Brand Equity Quiz Dates

CRISIL Wins BEQ 2011 – Questions and Review here

Accenture crowned kings at BEQ Delhi – Questions and Review here

Bangalore                 : September 12

Hyderabad               : September 13

Kolkata                       : September 14

Chandigarh               : September 19

Ahmedabad              : September 21

Pune                             : September 22

Mumbai                      : September 24

To participate, SMS BEQ <space> EMAIL ID to 58888 or e-mail

Huge registration fee? Not sure if you should participate?

Have a look at the questions from the last few years and know how you stand!!

And how better to prepare than browse the entire Brand Trivia & History list available FREE of Cost!!

BEQ 2010: Questions and Results

BEQ 2009 : Questions and Results

BEQ 2008 : Questions and Results

BEQ 2007 : Questions and Results


Some Questions from Brand Equity Quiz archives

  1. Which of the following was also a village official in ancient/medieval India? Lele/Karmarkar/Kulkarni (Kulkarni)
  2. Paul Krugman says that he became interested in _________ after reading the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov in which scientists use the study of psychohistory to sane civilization from disarray. (Economics)
  3. In 1930, 2 tolas of what product were auctioned for Rs. 525/- to Seth Ranchhod Shodhan, a mill-owner of Ahmedabad? (Salt from the Dandi March)
  4. A _______ brand is a lower priced offering launched by a company to take on specific competitors that are attempting to under-price them. FITB (Fighter)
  5. In order to retain Mumbai as it’s capital, Maharashtra paid a compensation of Rs. 56 Crore & 300 villages to which state? (Gujarat)
  6. What is the main flavor in the drink Kahlua? (Coffee)
  7. For the promotion of what movie did it’s lead actors ring the Opening Bell at the NYSE? (My Name Is Khan)
  8. Launched in 1910, which type of biscuits is named after a French family? (Bourbon)
  9. According to some management guru, the best quality inspectors need to have a _______? Core Skill/Suit/Conscience (Conscience)
  10. What modern item of clothing is the contribution of the residents of the Sumer Islands? (Bermuda Shorts)
  11. In 1894, a Mississippi businessman named Joseph Biedenharn used to travel up & down the state selling Coca Cola. He is now recognized as the first official _______ (7 letters) of Coca Cola? (Bottler)
  12. A 17th century English inventor of the seed drill lends his name ______ ____ (2 words) to a famous British rock group. FITB (Jethro Tull)
  13. In what currency would you need to buy a ticket if you wanted to see the tomb of Tutankhamen? (Egyptian Pound)
  14. Many companies use the colour ____ in their color schemes/branding because this colour traditionally represents purpose, peace, water, stability, cold, etc. FITB (Blue)
  15. Which U.S. state is the world’s largest producer of raisins? (California)
  16. What is the most famous work of an individual named Bhagwan Rampure from Solapur? (BSE Bull sculpture)
  17. In 2009, what did Forbes magazine identify as the ‘fastest-appreciating sports business on earth’? (Indian Premier League)
  18. Who did Kalpana Chawla credit as being the inspiration for her interest in aviation? (JRD Tata)
  19. According to research, which Asian country is the highest originator of internet scams & phishing? China/India/Japan/Pakistan (India)
  20. Which company acquired the rights to a famous painting for advertising purposes & later changed it’s name to the title of the painting? (HMV)
  21. Visual; id the person >>> Pic of a clean-shaven guy against the backdrop of a flaming red car bonnet profile with a snazzy headlight showing. (Dilip Chhabria)
  22. Visual >>> Logo of BCCI
  23. Visual >>> Pic of a roadside eatery with the logo showing but name blanked out, id. (Bade Miyan, behind the Taj Hotel, Mumbai)
  24. Visual >>> Pic of a robotic dog, identify the name. (AIBO)
  25. Visual >>> Poster of a Hindi movie showing Ajay Devgan with a cigarette dangling from his lips, Viveik Oberoi, Manisha Koirala, Mohanlal, etc. Id the movie (Company)
  26. Thomas Friedman got the idea for the title of his book ‘The World Is Flat’ from an interview with whom? Nandan Nilekani/Azim Premji/Ratan Tata/Rahul Bajaj (Nandan Nilekani)
  27. Peter Drucker has said that ________ is the only major occupation of man for which we have not yet developed tools that make an average person capable of competence and performance. Farming/Teaching/Accounting/Advertising (Teaching)
  28. In 1944, a set of proposals for the development of the post-independence economy of India called the Bombay Plan was published by John Mathai, JRD Tata & which other prominent Mumbai industrialist? (G.D. Birla)
  29. In 2006, what was created by Biz Stone, Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, and others with the working name “Status” for a while? (Twitter)
  30. Sumantra Ghoshal has classified what/who into 4 types: Purposeful, Detached, Frenzied, Procrastinators? (Managers)

If given a choice, would you participate in a Brand Equity Quiz or Tata Crucible , let us know here ?

BQC | Bournvita Quiz Contest is Back!

BQC: Bournvita Quiz Contest


Update as on 1st August 2011: So, its official!! Bournvita Quiz Contest will be back on Colors from 14th August 10:30 -11 am.. Surprisingly, Derek will have Soumya Tandon as co-Quiz host for the show! Don’t remember Ms Tandon? She is Kareena Kapoor’s ‘sister’-Roop in Jab We Met and recently hosted Zor Ka Jhatka with SRK!
The Quiz will be for students of Class 7 and Class 8.


I have multiple times shared with friends and clients how I started my Quizzing career and how closely associated Bournvita Quiz Contest is to my Quizzing Life today and I am sure BQC has been an integral part of the lives of most readers of this post..

History of BQC

The Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest started way back in 1972 as a live quiz show that was across cities in India, later moved to being a radio and TV show. The original hosts were Hamid Sayani and his brother Ameen Sayani. But undoubtedly, the most famous host has been Derek O’ Brien.

The show was taken off air a few years ago but wait!! IT IS BACK!! Bournvita Quiz Contest is Back!! This time on Colors at 10:30 am on Sundays!

Bring Back BQC

The Bring Back BQC campaign was started on Facebook by 19 yr old Rahul Sethi and it kick started an online movement with over 150,000 fans today!!

The immense response from the public caught the attention of Cadbury’s and they’ve decided to bring back Bournvita Quiz Contest!!

This is indeed a great victory of Quizzing as I personally believe that BQC and KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) are the shows that took quizzing to the public.. Stay tuned for more updates as Derek and friends bring back India’s biggest student quiz back!!


About the Author: Rohit Nair is the Chief Editor of and the co-founder of QuizWorks – one of India’s leading Quiz Companies. You can get in touch with the author here: Facebook || LinkedIn || Email ||Website

Share with us your special stories attached with BQC!!

Quizzes @ Chaos'11

Multiple Quizzes : The Biggest being New Age Alchemists by Derek..

So, what are the Quizzes:

1) The New Age Alchemist: The Big Quiz by Derek

2) Bharat Darshan- The India Quiz

3) New Balls Please – The Sports Quiz

Fest: Chaos ’11

Where: IIM, Ahmedabad

When: Jan 20th – 23rd 2011

Official Website for IIMA Chaos here