Giorgio Armani | History and Trivia

Giorgio Armani

– is an international Italian fashion house

Brands: Giorgio Armani, GA Prive, Emporio Armani, Armani Collezioni, AJ | Armani Jeans, A/X Armani Exchange, Armani Junior, Armani Teen, Armani Baby and Armani Casa.

Founders: Giorgio Armani and Sergio Galeotti


The Italian fashion house was founded in Milan in 1975. The first Emporio Armani store was opened in 1981. Armani Exchange was started in 1991.

The Group is one of the leading fashion and luxury goods groups in the world today with over 5,000 direct employees and 13 factories. It designs, manufactures, distributes  and retails fashion and  lifestyle  products including apparel, accessories, eyewear, watches, jewellery, home furnishings, fragrances and cosmetics under a range of brand names mentioned above.

With approximately 500 stores worldwide, the Group’s exclusive retail network currently comprises: 81 GA  boutiques, 171 Emporio Armani stores, 17 Armani Collezioni stores, 165 A/X Armani  Exchange  stores, 16 AJ | Armani Jeans stores, 6 Armani Junior stores e 33 Armani Casa stores in 46 countries.


1. In 1982, Giorgio Armani became the second fashion designer to appear on the cover of ‘Time’ Magazine. The first one was Christian Dior.

2. In July 2007, Armani told Time magazine that viewing People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) materials “convinced me not to use fur.” However, Armani’s Autumn 2008 collection included fur coats for babies, floral printed furs, fur-hemmed skirts and fur-trimmed jackets.

3. Giorgio Armani was the first designer to ban models with a body mass index (BMI) under 18, after model Ana Carolina Reston starved herself to death due to anorexia nervosa.

4. The bottom 39 floors of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, house an Armani Hotel.

5. In January 2010, famed soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and Hollywood movie star Megan Fox became the male and female face and body of Emporio Armani.

Giorgio Armani is a famous International Fashion Brand like Benetton Group and D&G


Nuclear Energy Quiz @ SIMT | Quiz Review

Nuclear energy is a clean and pollution-free means to generate electricity and India must actively encourage its use to keep pace with the rising energy demand. This was the consensus of students after an interactive quiz session on energy scenario in India. The programme was held at Sevdie Institute of Management and Technology (SIMT) on Tuesday.
A short animation film titled ‘Meet Mr Budhiya’ which portrays through comic characters the change of heart among villagers who have fears about a nuclear power plant, was screened before a group of more than 100 engineering students of SIMT. After the screening, a few questions were asked about energy and those students who gave correct answers were given prizes.
The questions included teasers such as the use of radiation in daily life, in agriculture and medical care; comparison of nuclear energy with other non-conventional forms as solar and wind energy and the comparatively lesser damage to the environment in production of nuclear energy.

TIME Aqua Regia | Chennai Review

Triumphant Institute of Management Education (T.I.M.E) Pvt. conducted Aqua Regia, India’s largest science quiz for school students across the country. The Chennai regional finals for the quiz were held in the city recently in which about 250 teams from different schools across the city participated. Unnikrishnan Nair and Arvind S. Mohan from PSBB Nungambakkam won the city finals, while V. Thejas and S. Krishna from PS Senior Secondary School, Mylapore, and Vignesh Manoharan and R. Praneeth Srivanth from Modern Senior Secondary School, Nanganallur, were the first and second runner-ups respectively. Haseeb Khan T. and Rohith KMS from Lisieux won the regional finals of the quiz.

Source: The Hindu

Galaxy 2011 | Quiz Review

Galaxy 2011, after being postponed twice, was finally conducted in the cramped auditorium of JIMS, Kalkaji on the 26th day of November. Cramped not because of the small size but because of the number of teams that turned up for the quiz(80+), with a few teams from Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata. After a quick little yoga exercise to switch off the cell phones, the 25 question prelims began. The prelims were a mix of business, brands, current affairs and sports.
With a difference of 4 marks separating the sixth team from the seventh, the selection of six teams was a task well cut out. The teams that made it to the finals were from IILMx2, FMS, IIFT, Hansraj and Sri Venkateswara College. The finals had 4 rounds- Uchhal Kud, Iski Topi Uske Sar, Zero Katta and Ae! Kya Bolti Tu. After the relatively easy initial rounds, the teams were all warmed-up for the high octane barrage of questions that were to follow. And the two teams that dealt with them with ease were the teams from Venky and FMS who were well versed with their Pixar and La Liga, while IIFT who messed up with their Tennis Grand Slam, was unable to build on the momentum of their foundation. After the end of the penultimate round the scorecard read- 12(Hansraj), 16(IILM), 21(IILM), 27(IIFT), 38(Venky) and 49(FMS).
For the final round the teams had to switch to the top gear as it was time to perform or perish – do or die at every question. With two teams getting eliminated after every round it came down to the last two questions. With Venky at 42 and FMS at 49 the quiz was all set for a thrilling finish. The boys from Venky were in no mood to make life easy for FMS as they opted for a 15 pointer and they got it right too. Scorecard before the final question- Venky- 57, FMS- 49. FMS now had two choices, either opt for an 8 pointer and come level with Venky and test their knowledge (and luck) in the tie-breaker or go for a 15 pointer and win it fair and square. But when FMS identified him as Nek Chand, Venky did a barely audible high-five and exchanged smiles since they knew they were going back home with deeper pockets than FMS.
Final Scores- Venky- 57, FMS- 41, IIFT- 34
Some Questions
1. Recently conferred the ‘Commandeur of the Order of Leopold II’, which entrepreneur joined the travel business as a General Sales Agent for the Lebanese International Airlines, in 1967? Naresh Goyal

2. ‘If he is Big B, then I am double B’, he joked when asked about comparison with someone. ‘He had his own style and I will have my own. I don’t claim I am better than him but I don’t feel inferior to him.’
Who is talking about whom?
Shatrughn Sinha about Big B, referring to Ke Bani Crorepati

3. About whom did Gulzar say-
“Baad muddat ke phir mili ho tum,
Ye jo thodi si bhar gayi ho tum,
Ye vajan tumpe accha lagta hai.”
The Filmfare trophy since its weight was increased from 1.5 kg to around 3.5 kg.

4. The approximate rates are 0.022 per cent for industries, 0.013 per cent for non-industries and 0.08 per cent for residences on the total value of the property. Introduced in 2001, General Insurance Corporation manages the pool. In India, the largest claim made till date has been by Coca-Cola. What are we referring to? 
Terrorism Insurance

5. Taken from Kautilya’s Arthashashtra, which Indian Governement agency’s motto in Sanskrit reads “Kosha Moolo Dandaha”?
Income Tax dept.

6. In the Mahabharata, Draupadi is known widely by her patronymic surname, derived from the name of her father, King Drupad. Her actual first name, which she shares with another character in the epic means ‘black’ or ‘dark’.
What is the name?

7. In horse racing, if a rider was a considerable distance ahead of his rivals, he would drop the cains and cruise to victory without much effort. This led to a term being coined for an easy convincing victory.
What term?
Winning hands down

8. ‘Kachchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte’ is the subtitle of which famous Indian TV Sitcom?
Balika Vadhu

9. Bollywood is the largest film industry in the world in terms of number of annual film productions ahead of Nollywood and Hollywood.
Worth $250 million, what country does Nollywood belong to?

10. ‘We have decided to continue with him as he is synonymous with the brand and network of the. He was more of an emotional attachment and was also important from the creative perspective. The child was not important, though he would be introduced in the second phase’- said Harit Nagpal, the business director of the company. What is he talking about?
Pug usage in hutch to vodafone transition

Times MAK Moto Quiz 2011 |West Zone

Siddharth Banerjee and Ahmed Firdaus won the West Zone round of the Times MAK Moto Quiz 2011, held at the Birla Matushri Auditorium on Saturday.

The participants included youngsters from various companies and colleges of Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad. All of them had to go through the preliminary rounds, where each participant had to answer 20 questions, out of which six teams qualified for the zonal finals.

The format of the quiz was based on the concept of racing through the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Each round involved different stages which a driver undergoes during a race.

The quiz was dominated by questions on F1 but there were several on MotoGP, Indian racing, WRC and NASCAR as well. Quizmaster Avinash Mudaliar ensured that the audience and the team were on their toes. Source: Times of India


Limca Book of Records 2011 | Kolkata Questions

Arunav Chanda from DPS, Ruby Park reviews the Limca Book of Recirds – Kolkata Edition and provides the questions from the Quiz. Review taken from

There were around 250+ teams from 98 schools.
The prelims were hosted by Andrew Scolt and the main quiz by none other than Derek O’Brien himself!
Eventually, DPS Ruby Park consisting of Mitul Dey Chowdhury and Arunavha Chanda came 1st.
1st: DPS Ruby Park
2nd: Apeejay School, Park Street
3rd: Birla High School for Boys
4th: La Martiniere for Boys
5th: Modern High School for Girls
6th: National Gems Higher Secondary School
PRELIMS: Highest-28/30 and  Cutoff – 26/30
1. Who is the only Test cricketer to have scored more runs than Don Bradman, but failed to score in his last innings?
Ans: Sourav Ganguly
2. Which river forms India’s Waterway no. 1?
Ans: Ganga
3. Which Indian state had the first woman CM?
Ans: Uttar Pradesh
4. Which Bollywood actor would you associate with the “Being Human” foundation?
Ans: Salman Khan
5. How do we better know singer, Steffani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?
Ans: Lady Gaga
6. The President of which country is also the honorary co-prince of Andorra?
Ans: France
7. On which Indian currency note would you find the picture of a computer monitor?
Ans: Rs. 1000/-
8. In October, 2011, the world’s highest webcam was installed on top of which mountain peak?
Ans: Mt. Everest
9. Which painting attracts more than 6 million people every year to the ‘Louvre Museum’?
Ans: The Mona Lisa
10. On 10th May, 2001, who sang the ghazal, ‘Lagta Nahin Dil Mera…’ in the Parliament to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the First War of Indian Independence?
Ans: Jagjit Singh
11. On 9th July 2011, ___________ became the newest country in the world.
Ans: South Sudan
12. Which computer keyboard symbol is traditionally called the pound sign or the number sign in USA?
Ans: # (or) Hash
13. Which continent produces 90% of the world’s rice?
Ans: Rice
14. What is the official colour of the Queen and the Royal Family of the Netherlands?
Ans: Orange
15. Which scientist saved his city in Sicily from Romans by practical application of pulleys and levers?
Ans: Archimedes
16. Omnitrix and the Humungosaur dinosaur can be associated with which television series?
Ans: Ben 10
17. In October 2011, MPs of UK voted to allow which Social Networking site during debates in the House of Commons?
Ans: Twitter
18. Buzz Aldrin, the 2nd man on the moon, appeared in which 2011 Hollywood action film?
Ans: Transformers 3
19. Chef Rafael Esposito designed which food item in honour of Queen Margherita in the colours of the Itaian flag?
Ans: Pizza
20. The adult males of which primate are called ‘silverbacks’?
Ans: Gorilla
21. Elle Sirleaf and Leymah Gbowee, winners of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, hail from which country?
Ans: Liberia
22. In which 1865 children’s novel will you find the the King, Queen and Knave of Hearts?
Ans: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
23. Plasma, which makes up 55% of blood fluid, is basically 92% what?
Ans: Water
24. Camp, Golf, Polo and Half are all types of Shirt, Trousers or Coats?
Ans: Shirts
25. Which Asian country emits more CO2 than USA and Canada combined?
Ans: China
26. Which cartoon is this?
Ans: Chota Bheem
27.Identify the game.
Ans: Kho-Kho
28.Which creature, also called dwarf leopard is this?
29. There was a vague Bengali song played, we had to identify the singer.
Ans: Shreya Ghoshal
30. [Chammak Challo] Music director?
Ans: Vishal-Sekhar.

Times Mak Moto Quiz | Delhi Quiz Review

The Times Mak Moto Quiz Zonal Rounds kicked off on the 20th of November at NCUI auditorium in New Delhi. Quiz Master Avinash Mudaliar conducted the proceedings and there were many participants from organizations and colleges from Delhi, Chandigarh, Bihar and the likes. Amongst the audience which mainly comprised of youngsters and motor enthusiasts was a 75 year old lady who won many audience prizes. Though most of the questions revolved around F1, there were some from MotoGP and NASCAR as well.

Rahul Jadhav and Sudarshan Nidhi dominated the quiz to take victory while Ajay Poonia and Abhiram were runners up also making it to the national finals. The Delhi winners will head to Mumbai for the Grand Finale and will be representing the North Zone. They will take on winners from the other Zonal Rounds and fight for the Grand Prize – The trip to the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix 2012.



If you were part of the quiz, do share the questions with us. Write to us –

Courtesy : Times Mak Moto Quiz Blog