Brand Equity Questions 2011- Chennai Edition

Brand Equity Questions 2011- Chennai Edition

In its 20th year, the Brand Equity Quiz went classic with a complete blast from the past inspired by old ads! The 2011 edition kicked off with Chennai. This year finalists were provided with smartphones to google answers in the first round! In the end, CRISIL won the quiz and will represent Chennai in the National Finals !

You can follow the action of Brand Equity in all other cities here

But for now, the questions

Brand Equity Questions – Chennai 2011 Prelims

1.            Blinding edge picture Indian origin director in Hollywood owns it ? MN Shyamalan

2.            What was created to promote Catalina swimsuits ? Miss Universe Contest

3.            What is the maximum amount that can be sent on a single telegraphic transfer is it 1000 2000 5000 10000? 5000

4.            Most sold car in India in 2010 – Santro  Figo  Alto? Alto

5.            What in spore is solund under the name thosai ? Dosa

6.            What is the motif on the chola kingdom coins ? Tiger

7.            St Andrew , Kelvin , Onassis & Victoria are ways to tie what – Bandana , Tie , G String, Shoe lace? Tie

8.            Which country received the second largest spasm in 2010 after US ? India

9.            Cricketer nicknamed punter? Ponting

10.          If you are using oyster card for local travel which country will you be traveling – Kolkata, London, Melbourne, Delhi? London

11.          USD 9 billion has been spent to eradicate which disease and which still cost 1 billion yearly – Polio , Malaria , Influenza? Polio

12.          Which queen asked MF Hussain to paint 99 arab conversation in canvas? Queen of Qatar

13.          National inventors day celebrated for whom in US? Edison

14.          INC president nephew of Karuppiah nadar worked in his textile business? Kamaraj

15.          Aish biggest paycheck ? Robot

16.          India ______ recycling sector has 9000 cr revenue & employs 3 million people – Glass , plastic , cowdung? Plastic

17.          In 2002 was bought for $ 800,000 who bought it?

18.          In I sakthisalt what does I stands for? Iodine

19.          Who gets ahigher salary rajya sabha mp or loksabha mp or is it equal? Both equal

20.          Whose followers are called the merrymen? Robinhood

21.          Logo of BCCI

22.          Poster of Mechanic? Jason Statham

23.          Where is Jules verne restaurant? Paris Eiffel tower

24.          Audio – Bryan Adams

25.          Audio – Bill gates

26.          What is the actual profession of Perry Mason? Lawyer

27.          Written is collaboration with MS Krishnan “The new age of innovation “was written by? CK Prahlad

28.          Who is the hindu god who is a maker of Ornaments ? Viswakarma

29.          ______ awaas yojana was started in 1985? Indira

30.          Firefox is name and has the resemblance to which animal ? Red Panda

Alos, find below some Brand Equity Questions from the Chennai Finals

Brand that says sweetest place on earth ? Hersheys
Latin word Augeo Auctus means to increase? Auction
Kadi, Jwala , Kashmiri are commercial name of a commodity? Mirchi
Connect between Current English Cricketer and Swarowski crystals? Graeme Swann and it’s the logo of swarowski

If you are participating in any other cities, we’re sure these questions will give you a heads up on the preparation required.

For those who want to have a look at the previous years’ Brand Equity questions, follow the links below

A thorough read through previous editions’ Brand Equity Questions will definitely give participants a good direction to prepare for their city finals.

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And while you’re at preparation, previous Tata Crucible Questions would also help

Brand Equity Questions from the previous years.


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