B-Quizzed @ SIBM

B-Quizzed @ SIBM

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Pune, the flagship institute of Symbiosis society is organizing “B-Quizzed @ SIBM” on 4th of September 2011. SIBM, established in 1978, is the fourth best B-School in India, according to Economic Times Corporate Dossier. B-Quizzed @SIBM is the first of its kind quiz for MBA aspirants.

Last year we had the quiz only for undergraduate students, but this year, we are opening it to both corporate and undergraduate participants.

B-Quizzed Format

A team, of 3 participants can represent a college, MBA prep class or a company. The quiz will be held in two stages:

  • Stage 1: An online preliminary quiz will be hosted on our website between 9:30pm to 10:30pm on the following days.



Day 1

15th August 2011

Day 2

17th August 2011

Day 3

19th August 2011

Day 4

21st August 2011

Day 5

23rd August 2011


The participants should attempt a minimum of one of these quizzes to qualify for the finals. The results of this quiz will be announced on 25th August 2011.

  • Stage 2: The second stage will consist of the Pune regional round. The round will happen on 4th September 2011. The winner and runner up of the Pune round will qualify into the national finals.
  • Stage 3: The third stage will consist of the National Finals. Stage 3 will happen on 4th September 2011, right after the Pune regional round. 6 teams from the online round will qualify for the national finals, along with 2 from stage 2.

Please find the B-Quizzed guidelines inline. For further details visit our website: http://www.sibmpune.edu.in/iaspire/

B-Quizzed Guidelines

  1. 3 participants in a team.
  2. All 3 should represent one institution, i.e. All 3 should represent the same college, MBA prep class or company.
  3. College participation limited to undergraduate colleges only.
  4. The team has to log on to http://sibmpune.edu.in/iaspire to take part in the quiz.
  5. At least one entry is required to validate participation.
  6. The event runs for 5 days: 15th, 17th, 19th, 21st, 23rd August 2011, with the top 6 teams from the online prelims qualifying for the National Finals on 4th September 2011.
  7.  Any number of teams from an institution can take part.

Web: http://www.sibmpune.edu.in/iaspire/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/B-QuizzedSIBM-Pune/209917622389317

Twitter: http://twitter.com/BQuizzedSIBM
Blog: http://bquizzedsibmpune.blogspot.com


If you are preparing for this Quiz, you must read this!

Team – B-Quizzed@SIBM


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