The Leagues Challenge : Business Quiz

Have you always felt that prizes at Quizzes are too low ?

Bored of going multi city levels to win a decent prize?

Presidency College , Bangalore has decided to change that perception of Business Quizzes! The top 3 from the Quiz will participate in a Grand Finale in MALAYSIA!!

Thats right! The prizes are beyond the free trip that the top 3 get! So what are you waiting for?

Pick that phone and register right away!! The Leagues Challenge is a Business Quiz open to B.Com, B.B.M and B.M.S (Undergrad Business) students from across the country.

The preliminary rounds will be held on 26th and 27th August in Bangalore with a Grand Final on 11th September in Malaysia. The young and dynamic Rohit Nair from QuizWorks will host all the rounds!! For more details, have a look at the poster below

Important Details:

Date of Prelim: 26th August 2011

Date of Bangalore Final : 27th August 2011

Date of International Final : 11th September 2011 in Malaysia

Open to: Individual participants : Students from B.Com , B.B.M , B.M.S or any undergrad business student.

Quizmaster: Rohit Nair from QuizWorks 

Contact: Rashmi Rao – 08095340024





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