iQuiz 2011

iQuiz 2011

MARKTRIX proudly presents IQuiz 2011 – IQuiz in its first edition has become one of the biggest quizzes organized by business schools across the country. IQuiz is a platform for the avid quizzers in the corporate world and B-Schools. We view ourselves as partners in the knowledge revolution of the country by offering the best in class challenges to the best in league intellects in the country. With huge prize money at stake, IQuiz 2011 promises you a better competition and an ideal platform to test the quizzer within you.

iQuiz 2011 Details

Online Prelims Starts                      20th Aug 2011 22:00 hrs

Results of online Prelims               21st Aug 2011 (midnight)

On Campus Elimination Round   28th Aug 2011, 10:00 hrs

Grand Finale                                        28th Aug 2011, 13:00 hrs

Quizmaster : Andrew Scolt

For more details contact

E-mail :
Coordinators Mobile No.
Akshay Dubey +91 9987020072
Abhinav Agarwal +91 7709385801


Some questions from iQuiz 2010

Which word is derived from Old Norse, meaning ‘to burn’ – referrring to the practice of producers burning their mark into their products? Brand

Brand known for innovations in its field, it came out with the first pressure pan, capable of cooking a variety of dishes. Which brand? Hawkins

Members of this institution can have only the following possessions : three saris, a pair of sandals, a plate, a metal spoon and a canvas bag. Missionaries of Charity

A young engineer at the Boston firm of Bolt, Beranek and Newman is responsible for its elevation to fame. He described it as the only preposition on the keyboard. What? @

Pronounced as Gai Shan in Chinese, the simple translation means ‘benefit by change’ or ‘improvement’. How do we know this term better? Kaizen

‘Successor will be pro-growth not pro-parsi.’ Who said about what? Ratan Tata

You can obtain the rest of the online prelims 2010 here

Did you participate in iQuiz last year, share your experiences here


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