K-Circle Open Quiz 2011


Dear trivia junkies,

Zen masters say,”let the mind be Open, but not so as to let ideas slip through.”
Fashionistas say,”let the slip be Open, and let the mind get ideas!”
Quizmasters say: “Let there be the Open!”

Welcome to “Swami & Friends’ present: K-Circle Open Quiz 2011”

> Teams of three
> Bhaskara Auditorium, B M Birla Science Centre, Near Birla Mandir, Adarsh Nagar, Hyderabad-500063. For those who didn’t know, Birla Science Center is the complex below the Birla planetarium!
> QMs: Swami & Friends– Josyula ‘JK’ Krishnamurthi, Alagar ‘Cut-off’ Samy, E M ‘Buggy’ Bhargava & Anil ‘Cheshire Cat Smile’ Kumar
> Attractive cash prizes!
>Date:31st July 2011
>Time:10:30 AM to 5:00 PM


For more details contact Debjit at: debjitdg83@gmail.com


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