De Beers : History

De Beers

is a family of companies that dominate the diamond industry including mining,trading and manufacturing .

De Beers History

Was founded by Cecil Rhodes (financed by NM Rothschild & Sons). Later, in 1927, Ernest Oppenheimer managed to wrest control over the empire.

Brand Name: The De Beers mine was one of the two mines that were dug initially on the farm belonging to Nicolas and Diederick de Beer, near Kimberley, after diamonds were discovered in this farm in the mid-1860s.

De Beers Trivia

1) Cecil Rhodes got his start by renting water pumps to miners during the diamond rush that started in 1871, when an 83.5 carat diamond was found in Kimberley, South Africa

2) De Beers is also the name of a famous diamond which is named after the mine from which it was mined! Some trivia on the De Beers diamond here

3) DB’s famous advertising line ‘ A Diamond is forever‘ was named as one of the Best ad slogans by Advertising Age magazine!

4) ‘A Diamond is forever’ was coined by a young copywriter , Frances Gerety who worked for N.W. Ayer & Sons in 1947.

5) DB is known for launching ‘The Eternity Ring’ , ‘The Trilogy Ring’ and ‘The Right Hand Ring’

6) Forevermark – Forevermark diamonds are marketed in China, India, HK nad Japan as ‘natural, untreated and responsibly sourced diamonds’

Famous Ads:

De Beers is one of the most popular Brands in the World




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