FCUK : History


What is FCUK: fcuk is a British retailer of clothing and accessories in many parts of the world, founded in 1972.


Brand Name: Usually written in small letters (fcuk), the company has insisted the brand stands for French Connection United Kingdom and is not a mis-spelt Anglo Saxon word.

FCUK History

In 1969, Marks Stephens launches Mark Stephens London Ltd. and opens his first store in 1972. The company launches the French Connection label in the United States through joint venture with Best of all Clothing

FCUK Trivia

1) Stephen Marks, a hairdresser’s son left school at 16 and went on to win the junior’s title at Wimbledon at 18.

2) Stephen Marks was one of the original financial backers of Hard Rock Cafe, a stake he sold later.

3) The origin of the brand NAME is believed to have been inspired by a fax from the French Conenction Hong Kong Office to London Office which said: FCHK to FCUK.

4) The brand has survived on controversies and the very ‘mis-spelt’ word thus launching T-shirts crying out – f cuk Christmas, f cuk on the beach, fun comes usually kneeling, hot as f cuk and many more

5) French Connection launched trademark infringement lawsuits on First Consultants UK Ltd (a computer company) and a political youth organisation Conservative Future as they adopted the abbreviation cfuk.

6) In 2006, they launched the Fashion vs Style advertising which replaced all previous advertising. The first advertisement in the campaign was directed by Duncan Jones, son of David Bowie, and featured girls in the roles of Fashion and Style fighting.

Fashion enthusiast? Do you know the brand Katie price launched? Louis Vuitton is another famous Fashion brand, just like FCUK


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