Avis Rent a Car System : History

Company: Avis Rent A Car

Founded : Michigan, US in 1946

Founder: Warren Avis

What is Avis: Avis Rent a Car System, LLC is a car rental company headquartered in New Jersey, United States and operates the Avis brand in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, India, Australia and New Zealand.

History: Avis was founded in 1946 with three cars at Willow Run Airport,Ypsilanti by Warren Avis (August 4, 1915 – April 24, 2007). It established branch operations across the United States over the next few years, becoming the second largest car rental company in the country by 1953.
Trivia: Their corporate motto is “We Try Harder.” It was adopted in 1962 (during the tenure of Robert Townsend as its CEO) to make a more positive reference of Avis’ status as the second largest car rental company in the US, at the expense of its larger competitor The Hertz Corporation.
In 1981, the company instituted its system of vehicle tracking, that was coincidentally named Advanced Vehicle Identification System (AVIS).
People to Know:
Warren Avis: Founder of Avis
Robert Townsend : Avis CEO , under whom ‘We Try Harder’ Corporate Motto was adopted
Ronald Wild: Head of the Avis Advertising department when the ‘We Try Harder’ motto was acquired. Other well known brand icons created under Ronald Wild’s marketing leadership include “Poppin’ Fresh” aka the Pillsbury Doughboy, and the white suited Man from Glad.
Famous Ad:

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