Quiz on disasters, environment and energy

Disaster Management Dept. of Kerala is conducting a quiz for the general public on disasters,environment and energy.

Team of two– atleast one member must be above 18 years old.

LONE WOLFS NOT ALLOWED. No 2 school students should team up.

Quiz will be done in two stages.

First stage will be held on May 5th at 3:30 pm from 4 venues simultaneosly-

Collectorate Conference Hall in Kozhikode,Thrichur,Ernakulam and Trivandrum. Quiz will be written -about 40-50 questions.

ONE TEAM will qualify from each venue.

Trivandrum prelims is postponed to May 6th as the collectorate will be on leave on May 5th.This applies to only Trivandrum. All the other districts will have the prelims on May 5th itself.

Register beforehand. Be at the venue 3:00 pm

Second stage-Mega finals with the 4 winners- May 10th – from Kanakakunnu Palace ,Trivandrum.


Prizes : total 40k

Research and coordination by DREAMZ infotainments.

For more details contact: Ph:9895316264,9895283939,9847478690,9895345079


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