Quizilla '2011

Sivasagar District Small Tea Growers Association Presents “QUIZILLA-2011″ an All Assam Open Prize Money Quiz Competition as a part of 5th triennial conference of the district.

Venue: Sonari Public Auditorium ,Sonari

Date: 12th February 2011

Attractive cash prizes for winners and audience

Preliminary : 10 A.M. Mega Final : 5:30 P.M.

For further info contact Nabajyoti Bharali @ 9954286348

E-mail : nabajyoti_bh@yahoo.co.in


One thought on “Quizilla '2011

    AFTER 10 round of quizzing the results are like :-

    Dilip kr. Sarmah & Biswajyoti Saikia :- First

    Bidyut B. Bailung & Nayan Medhi:- Second

    Vinay Upadhyay & Bijoy Bakal:- Third

    QM:Nabajyoti Bharali & Moni Gogoi(On Behalf of Click on Quiz)

    Date:12 Feb 2011.
    Venue:Sonari Public Auditorium.

    Organiser: Sivasagar District Small Tea Growers Association.

    Some Questions which was asked in “QUIZILLA-2011” an All Assam Open Prize Money Quiz Competition held at Sonari,(Assam)

    Round 1(Rupohi Axom)

    1.The beginning of this mela is marked by Agni Puja, the worship of Fire- a symbol of purity and strength. They pray to Agni for the well being of mankind. It is a sight to remember. It is open to all visitors and they can participate in the Agni Puja. Another significant event in this mela is the greater Community Fishing, where all the people participate in a sense of harmony. Just identy the Mela……

    Ans:- Jon Beel Mela.

    Q2.Dhol is a folk instrument.The rope used in the dhol is called by one name.What is the name?



    1.X is a video game franchise created by
    Jordan Mechner,originally developed for
    the Apple II Computer.In 2010 it was
    developed into a live action film.
    Identify X?


    2.X is an English word which is derived from a 12th century poem written in latin.When X translated into Greek means “everyone’s friend”.What is X…..

    Round 3(Sporty Moment)

    1.Which term coined by Nima Namchu and Nitin Berry of Leo Burnett in the lead up to a Reebok campaign in 1996-97 is now synonymous with Indian Cricket?
    Ans:-The Wall.

    2.Ponziani, Russian ,Scottish ,Nimzo-Indian, Sokolsky etc… What are we talking about?
    Ans:-Opening Chess Moves.

    Round 4(Corporate World)

    1.The term was first coined in 1954 by J. A. Barnes in his work called ‘Class and Committees in a Norwegian Island Parish, “Human Relations“.It is a map of the relationships between individuals, indicating the ways in which they are connected through various familiarities. What term?
    Ans:- Social Network
    Social Networking .
    2.Which brand of car is the tagline “stop at nothing “associated with?
    Ans:Maruti A Star .

    Round 5(Information Technology)

    1.The very earliest known examples of the graphic are attributed to Harvey Ball, a commercial artist in Massachusetts. He devised the face in 1963 for an insurance firm that wanted an internal campaign to improve employee morale. Ball never attempted to use, promote or trademark the image; it fell into the public domain in the United States before that could be accomplished. As a result, Ball never made any profit for the iconic image beyond his initial $45 fee.The figure has become iconic throughout the world. Which figure?
    Ans:-Smiley .

    2.Sarah Palin is promoting her book on it. Some 300 million people use it every day to the point where it—like a rash—gives them an itch called FAD and some 100 million people worldwide have it. what is FAD?
    Ans:-Facebook Addiction Disorder(FAD).

    Round 6(Dry Dose)

    1.In order to reduce the destruction of forests, the Chinese government increased the tax on a particular product. What is it?
    Ans:-Noodle Chopstick .

    2.5972 “Olton Hall” is a 4-6-0 Hall Class locomotive built in April, 1937 and withdrawn in December, 1963. How do we know it better today?
    Ans:-Hogwarts Express.

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