The Quizzitch Cup

NIT Durgapur is proud to present the first edition of its quiz fest The Quizzitch Cup.

Get ready to experience the world of cool quizzing in this festival of knowledge. 
Quiz Inc. of NITD has collaborated with GNU/Linux User’s Group (LUG) of NITD to organize ‘The Quizzitch Cup’, a complete fun-filled quiz festival where you get to test your mettle against the best in the business and maybe dig the cute girl/handsome boy in the next row! 
This year we will be having, IQL, Indian Quizzing League, as the honorable quiz masters.
Quizzitch Cup comprises of 4 quizzes.

LINQUIZZITOR: The signature quiz of Mukti which will be based on the cyber world and its intricacies.
Date and time:   4th February, 2011. 9 PM.

SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT QUIZ: If you are all ears to the latest song on the music charts or are glued to the sports world, this is the place for you to be! A must attend which will leave you enthralled!
Date and time:   5th February, 2011. 9 PM.

INDIA QUIZ: Show the true Indian in you.
Date and time:   5th February, 2011. 11 AM.

THE QUIZZITCH CUP: The general quiz, where your knowledge in fields ranging from worldly affairs to domestic affairs will be tested!
Date and time:   6th February, 2011. 9 PM.

A team of maximum 4 people will be allowed to participate as a team for all the quizzes.

BRAINSTORMERS – THE ONLINE QUIZ:  Online quizzing redefined in a wacky new avatar. To play, log on to . Starts on the 28th of January, 2011.

So if you ready to battle your wits, roll in the moolah, then this is the place to be.And do spread the good word amongst your friends. See you there!!

There are NO registration charges. Accomodation will be provided for.

For more details check out or contact

Sayantan @ 943242599

Sudipto @ 9732313300

Avishek @ 8017660015

Check out: to know more about Quiz Inc.



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