K! Quizzes @ Kurukshetra '11

Anna University proudly presents Kurukshetra, the Techno Management Festival of CEG, which takes place from February 2 to 5. The tradition of high class quizzing continues this year as well with a whole host of quizzes lined up.

1. K! SciTech Quiz – A Science and Technology Quiz only for college students. Teams of three. Mixed college teams are allowed.
This is on February 3rd (Thursday)

2. K! Biz Quiz – The Business Quiz, conducted by Mr. Gopal Kidao. The Biz Quiz has separate Student and Corporate editions.

Teams of two. Mixed teams (both college and corporate) are allowed.
The Student Biz Quiz is on February 4th (Friday).
The Corporate Biz Quiz is on February 5th (Saturday).

3. K! Open Quiz – The big one, being hosted by Dr. Navin Jayakumar. Open to all. Teams of three.
Prize money over INR 40,000.
K! Open Quiz is on February 5th.

For further details, contact Rohit. Suresh – +919003925929

Official Site: http://kurukshetra.org.in/


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