Rajagiri National Business Quiz

Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies (RCBS) invites enthusiasts from across the country to participate in the National Business Quiz Competition open for Business Schools/ Engineering Colleges and Corporates.

Part of Fest

The event is part of Management Fest Inflore 2010 held annually by RCBS. The programme is scheduled for October 29 and 30. The final date for registration is Oct. 15. For registration and further details, visit http://inflore.in

The quiz is the highlight for Inflore 2010 and will be teamed up with various other events as well. This event alone will carry a hefty sum as first prize which will be Rs. 1 lakh and a second prize of Rs. 50,000.

Some Rules and Regulations:

1) Teams of 2 (two)

2) Both members must be from the same Corporate House/College/Institution

3) There is NO REGISTRATION Fees for corporates or students

4) As a prelude, an ONLINE QUIZ will be held on 22nd October 2010. Details about that here- http://www.quizzing.in/inflore-10-online-quiz

Renowned Quizmasterr Rohit Nair from Quizworks will host the finals.


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