Tata Crucible 2010 – Kochi Edition

Anil Raghavan shares questions from the Kochi Edition of Tata Crucible 2010.

WINNER: Malayala Manorama – Arun Thomas Abraham and Ranjit K Wilson
RUNNER UP: Kraft Labs – Arun A S and Shibin Azad

1)Rene lacoste brand origin-funda on lacoste played like____ which led to brand name
2)In 1820 jean jacques perot found a product based on joiners plane/razor blade
3)computer programmers writing pages of coding earlier days invented something when they went back to terminal/login
4)John cover inspired to create this product on crowd control/stun gun
5)Marcus fernandez in 2009 invented something small,powerful,ferocious/mongoose bat
6)book cover of bill quinn ‘how — is destroying america/walmart
7)visuals of eiffel/samuelson
8) visual of cartoon promoting amaron batteries
9)kevin gilbertson from unicycle got the idea for-url shortening
10)0vetri park/by tatas–tower parking system
11)chennai superkings/sponsors/connect question
12)pic of dhoni/sakshi talwar serial/fresenius kabi-dabur(audience prize for yrs truly)
13)hero of alexandria created the first model for vending machine to dispense what/holy water
14)ipc292/milken test/hicklin test/detect pornography
15)wink&store /started by dc books
16)charles lachman gave rise to which brand/revlon
17)pic of gandhi/sukumar azhikode&song in the background/promoters of khadi17)t600,t800,t1000–terminator series

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