Tata Crucible 2010 – Ranchi Edition

Regular Contributor to Quizzing.in, Mr SS Panda shares again with us the review and questions from Ranchi. Also a note to the readers that Mr Panda came second in the Ranchi Edition of Tata Crucible 2010. Many congratulations sir !!

Thanks again for sharing with Quizzing.in


The six finalist out of 36 teams were:

•Bokaro Steel: Debabrata Choudhury and Sudhanshu

•Rourkela Steel: SS Panda and SK Mallick

•Ericsson: Rajiv Ranjan and Achal Barla

•Durgapur Steel: A Pathak and P Mishra

•Rourkela Steel: Debajit Rabha and Ravi Banjare

•SAIL Dhanbad: Niladri Chatterjee and Sampad Mishra

Right from the start of the competition, the two Rourkela Steel plant teams led the other regional finalists — by a considerable margin. Though the teams were neck and neck at the end of the second round, Debajit and Ravi sealed the deal in the third round, and prevailed over the runners-up duo of S.S. Panda and S.K. Mallik.

Tata Crucible 2010-Corporate-Quiz-Ranchi.

Non Tata Track on September 12, 2010

Prelims Questions:

1. An increase in the price of food that occurs as a result of increased demand from human consumption and use as an alternative energy resource. While the competitive nature of retail supermarkets allows some of the effects of __ to be absorbed, the price increases that __causes are largely passed on to the end consumer. Which term it describes?  Agflation

2..”Go ,see the world”-An Popular Indian travel portal .A popular Hindi term. Yatra.com

3.Swallow Car Company was founded as the Swallow Sidecar Company by Sir William Lyons in 1922, originally making motorcycle sidecars before evolving into passenger cars. The name was changed to _____ after World War II .  Jaguar

4. A Kiwi TV reporter was sacked by his employer.Then he founded a very popular sports channel.What is the Channels’s present name? ESPN

5. The company introduced its first delivery guarantee, “a half hour or a half dollar off,” as stated in the company newsletter the Pepperoni Press. The College of Pizzarology was founded to train potential franchisees. Which Company? Domino’s

6. An reputed Indian Business Group,maker of 1st ballot box in India.Identify? Godrej

7. Name the Indian PM who after coming to power, sacked JRD Tata from the Chairmanship of AirIndia.  Morarji Desai

8. The Complete Planned food, introduced by Glaxo initially as hospital food.  Complan

9. Ayrvedic hand washing soap, introduced by CR.Keshavan Vaidyar in 1940’s. Chandrika Soap

10. Rugged Shoes as “Aero club”. Shoe brand Woodland

11. Introduced in 1964 Olympics in Japan for directly printing out times. Its next generation printers are called “sons of electronic printers” EPSON

12. Japan’s contribution to Sound.freestyle.on the move etc. Walkman by Sony

13. Which Indian IT Company was also involved in FIFA WC’10. Mahindra Satyam

14. History of a Premium Pen.Simplo Filler Pen co. Montblanc

15. Photo of KP.SINGH(DLF)



18. Film clip.Co-Director?  Anurag Kashyap

Finals Questions:

1st Round:

1.1965 ORIGIN. Employees look forward to after a week’s work. History of Thank God it’s Friday given. Ans:TGIF

2. During takeover of other companies. Financial transaction /Extra money paid for hidden/other assets. Term. Ans: GOODWILL

3. Originally Sunder Plywood Industries in Assam.Trade name:Swastik.Now? Ans:Kitply

4.Founded in 1917,Late Ramdayal Joshi,Bihar, Pt. Ram Dayal Joshi Memorial Ayurvedic Research Institute at Patna ,Gives Ayurveda product award,India focused. Ans:Baidyanath

5. Created by 33 Scientists in 1888,Nonprofit Organisation,Knowledge Limitless.yellow logo.? Ans:National Geographic

6. Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of the saffron crocus (Crocus sativus). It also contains a carotenoid dye Crocos Garetonia,Carotiod complex flavours,This has 3 decades of medical heritage..Ans:CROCIN

2nd Round:

7.Photo of LADO GROUP



10..Photo of Dilip Chhabria

3rd Round:

11.Connect:Beinning of Orange etc..Ans:LINC PEN

12.Photo of Ollipekka,Nokia old logo (fish) etc ans: NOKIA

13.Photo of Jhodha Akbar,Ozterbay etc.Ans:TANISHQ

14.Photo of Rajan Mittal,C20 League logo etc.Ans:Airtel

15.Full form of Fiat,Logo of Forbes Marshall,Maserati logo. Ans: FIAT

16.Play Art attack ,Lighting pool game,ADAG LOGO,,Ans: ZAPAK.COM

Note: atleast 4 conncet the pictures Q’s were directly from TC’09 Corporate-Ranchi round. Pointed out to Giri after the contest was over.


1.Which Tata Company is in Agro business.Ans:Rallis

2.In which Indian city TATA ARCHIVES is located.Ans:Pune

17. We’re all unclean / maybe we’re born with it / or maybe it’s _.May be some thing.Maybe it’s__.Ans:Maybeline

18.Logo of Zynga.

10.Composition of whistle tips used in air blowing instruments like Jabulani given.

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