Tata Crucible 2010 – Hyderabad Edition

Review courtesy- Murali Duggineni

Questions courtesy- Mondodello

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The Corporate Edition of the Tata Crucible 2010 teed of from Hyderabad this evening. Nearly 70 teams took part in the prelims. Despite the not-so-encouraging participation on a working day, all the usual suspects in the city were there. The prelims comprised 25 questions (20 dry, 5 visuals). This year, most of the questions in the prelims were classic in nature. While 5 teams made it to the regional finals based on their scores, the sixth team (Microsoft) was picked after a wild card round in which the teams that scored ranked between sixth and eleventh in the prelims were asked 6 questions on the buzzer.

The six teams that made it to the finals are:
· Google
· Infosys (Winners- Sridhar Reddy & Surender Reddy)
· Mahindra Satyam
· Microsoft
· Vizag Steel (Santanu and Phani – the reigning champs of the TC Corp Edition)

There were 5 rounds in the finals. Three of these were on buzzer. Google, Infy and Mahindra Satyam had a chance to win the quiz on the last question. However it was the Infosys team, represented by Reddy and Reddy, that emerged the victorious cracking some nice stuff. They could identify the Dare House – the Corp. HQ of Murugappa Group. Another nice connect cracked by Infy was on RBI where visuals of Azim Premji, Kumara Birla, a logo and a pic of someone were shown. While Google(Lateesh and JK) came second, Mahindra Satyam (represented by Nirad and Murali Duggineni) finished third.

Find below the prelims questions

1. The need for power for cameras led to the creation of which brand by Mr Rubin and Mr Mallory? (Ans – Duracell)

2. United Artists was started by these four people. Three names given one missing. (Ans – Charlie Chaplin)

3. Band Aid has three types of variants in India – regular, washproof and _____. (Hint: India specific; Ans – Band-Aid Turmeric)

4. The consultant/author/business-thinker who has been named this year’s Global Indian. (Ans – Ram Charan)

5. What latin phrase means a portion of employee’s compensation package, over and above his salary. (Ans – Bonus)

6. What english term means “a financial incentive doled out to retain specialists at a firm”. (Ans – Golden handcuff)

7. Which GM company originally manufactured sewing machines and bicycles. (Ans – Opel)

8. Which Hotel brand was prevented from using its brand name in India as it clashes with a local hotel based in Sirohi, near Mt Abu, Rajasthan? (Ans – The Hilton)

9. Elizabeth Arden recently launched “Honey”, “Ribbon” and “Mine Again”. Named after which celebrity? (Ans – Mariah Carey)

10. What sports good is manufactured by Masincedane Sports, whose sales peaked in 2010? (Ans – Vuvuzela)

11. Who was the Master of mint in 1710? (Ans – Sir Isaac Newton)

12. What major brand started as a service by Air France for its employees to ensure a “home away from home for them”? (Ans – Le Meridian)

13. Conway’s Law – “There is always a man in a firm who knows what’s going on. He should be _____” (Ans – fired)

14. Which web entity vociferously challenged its departed co-founder’s allegations that they encouraged “child pornography” (Ans – wikipedia)

15. Li Ka-Shing, the Hong Kong based business tycoon, was referred to as which famous comic character? (Ans-Superman)

16. In the early 1900s, what did a New York socialite by the name Mary Phelps Jacobs develop?(Ans- Bra)

17. What is the name given to a stock market crash where the loss is in excess of $ 1 billion? (Ans- Flash Crash)

18. Picture of Bindeswar Pathak

19. Pic of Capt Krishna Nair

20. Logo of Natwest Bank

21. An ad for Jockey

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