Ybrant buys Lycos

Ybrant Digital the  digital marketing solutions provider today announced the signing of the stock purchase agreement to acquire Lycos Inc.  Lycos.com is owned by Daum Communications of Korea. Lycos was at its height of popularity during the internet boom period of 1999 and was one of the few well known search services of its time.

Lycos is one of the top 1500 sites in the world. With US and India among the top 5 countries that has visitors to the web portal. This seems like a good buy given that Lycos in 2009 grossed 25 million $. Lycos consistently averages 12 – 15 million monthly unique visitors in the U.S. But for Daum Communications of Korea this has been a bitter exit as it acquired the troubled Lycos for $95 million in 2004 from Terra Networks of Spain hoping to change its fortunes.

With this acquisition Ybrant will add to its already existing ad impressions. Ybrant currently serves 20 billion impressions a month and serves leading brands such as SAP, Porsche, Ford, UPS, and Swissair. This would give a shot in the arm for US and India impressions.


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