IQuiz 2010 – Business Quiz by SJMSOM, IIT-B

IQuiz-2010 – IIT Bombay presents “IQuiz -A national level business quiz competition”. This exciting journey of challenge, fun and excitement is brought to you by marketing club Marktrix, SJMSOM, IIT Bombay in association with Mahindra Scorpio. After the enormous success of ad-making competition Zeitgeist presented by the same combination, IQuiz is being launched to take the success story to a new zenith.

IQuiz provides a platform where bright minds from all over the country will fight it out to prove their supremacy in one of the biggest quizzes ever. It will provide a chance to both corporate and students to compete and win the crowning glory and prices worth 1 lakh.

So come, fight and win the battle.

Important dates:
Student selection round:                  10:00 p.m., Aug 17, 2010

Corporate selection round:              10:00 a.m., Aug 28, 2010

Grand Finale:                                        12:00 p.m, Aug 28, 2010

Online registrations are open.
A team can consist of maximum 2 participants.
Visit us:


Nishant Garg – +91 9892872960
Abhijit Jain – +91 9987212635


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