TCS IT Wiz 2010- Bangalore Questions

Questions sourced from Prashant Pai and thanks to Sasisharan for providing the same.

Radhika Radhakrishnan and Udbhav Tiwari from SBM Jain PU College won the Bangalore Edition of TCS IT Wiz 2010 , beating Milind Hegde and Vikas Kashyap from Kumaran’s CBSE.

The prelims questions published earlier can be found at this link: TCS IT Wiz Bangalore Prelims

Final Questions from Bangalore below. Thank you Sasi for contributing in such detail.

THE FINALS : STAGE ROUND ( top 6 teams)

I. Cloud Computing (+10) – visual round
1.                              pic ? Andy Bechtolsheim // I got a cool TCS bag for answering this, passed as audience question
2.                              pic and clue : look at the parking lot ? Bell Labs HQ. (there was a B symbol in parking lot)
3.                              pic ? Ronald Wayne (the Apple guy)
4.                              pic : Google doodle having nature, identify the man ? Charles Darwin
5.                              pic : Apple logo with ‘Hold differently’ written below ? iPhone4 antenna problem spoof
6.                              pic : new Palm logo, what’s significance ? HP bought Palm recently and changed the logo to HP style

II. Automatic Computing
1.                              What’s blingtronics ? wearable electronics made of gold or diamonds
2.                              Connect these terms : base,trigger,button,autofire,hatch,suction,throttle ? Joystick
3.                              Six letter word of Greek origin, arranging together, rules of governing, construction of command ? Syntax
4.                              Barbara Liskov is a Prof. of CS from MIT, only female to have achieved this ? Alan Turing award
5.                              Connect these Mephisto,gidion,shredder,hiarcs,junior ? These are chess engines
6.                              This ambitious project called Project X has codenames cupcake,doughnut,eclairs ?Android

Audience questions
·                                 What’s flog ? Fake blog
·                                 What’s napstering ? Distributing illegal content and making money out of it

III. @TCS : Buzzer round
1.                              TCS is a tech partner to world’s oldest marathon ? Boston marathon
2.                              With which state in India did TCS start a citizen portal called ‘MahaOnline’ ? Maharashtra
3.                              TCS is officially partner till 2012 for this a leading European pro-cycling team ? Cervélo
4.                              Expand TRDDC ? Tata Research Development and Design Center

IV. Parallel Computing ( +10,-5) buzzer round
1.                              pics of Obama ,Mark Zuckerberg and another lady ? Facebook
2.                              Video showing Beckham, pics – flickr logo,inktomi logo, logo ? Yahoo
3.                              pics of camel,java temple,turtle,song ‘ruby tuesday’ playing in background ? Programming languages
4.                              MSN messenger logo,cdragon logo and another pic ? Apps designed by MS for Apple on AppStore

V. Final round – Grid Computing (+5,+10,+15)
Solve the 4 questions, derive the final single worded answer using the given formula and the answers of 4 questions !
Example Question :
·                                 A program that permits rewriting and editing of file ? ediTor
·                                 This name is abbreviation of San Francisco ? cisCo
·                                 Web browser from Apple for Mac OS X ? Safari
Answer : TCS

1. E+2,T-2,R+2,A-2
·                                 Designed by John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert ? enIac
·                                 A small piece of software designed to fix problems ? Patch
·                                 Advanced Research Project Agency Network ? arpAnet
·                                 Original developer was C. Wayne Ratliff ? Dbase
Answer : IPAD

2. P+3,P+1,A+1,E-1
·                                 Published in 1970 by Niklaus Wirth ? pasCal
·                                 Greek letter for ‘five’ ending with “ium” ? pEntium
·                                 Base 2 number system ? binaRy
·                                 Nippon Denki Kabushiki Kaisha ? Nec
Answer : CERN

3. X-1,I-1,U-2,A-2
·                                 Founded as Graphics Group ? pIxar
·                                 Coined by Ralph Vaerst, published by Don Hoefler ? Silicon Valley
·                                 Device that interconnects two or more networks ? Router
·                                 Netscape based web browser ? mOsaic
Answer : ISRO

You can find questions from the TCS IT Wiz 2009 edition here and TCS IT Wiz 2008 here
also find a database of questions that should help those preparing

14 thoughts on “TCS IT Wiz 2010- Bangalore Questions

  1. hi i am Thouba I have participated in IT wiz quiz 2010 in Bangalore, my team have not selected in six finalist ,so i am thinking to join next year also can i take the help from you people. I am in X std.

  2. Reading this i finally took a break from my job. I run a hardware store, and i get kinda stress throughout the day =) this page just bought me a few minutes of relax =] I wish i could find a rss feed on your site, so that i could subscribe for some more. Ill be sure to come here more often from now on =)

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