Chlormint – Now a chewing gum too!

Perfetti Van Melle has gone national with its Chlormint brand of chewing gum. Chlormint was first launched in 1997 in its green candy version; soon thereafter a gum variant was launched. But sales took off only in the East. Perfetti then brought in the ice candy version of the brand
Besides Chlormint, Perfetti is present in three sub-segments of the gum market: Center Fresh and Center Shock in chewing gum, Center Fruit and Big Babol in bubble gum and Happydent in functional gum. “Happydent is a more cosmetic brand, Center Fresh is fruity but Chlormint is a coated gum through which we’ll target the young male adult,” explains Suneja. The positioning makes sense considering that half the country’s population is below 30. Brand experts believe the product will be consumed by those who smoke and want fresh breath — just like the hard-boiled Chlormint candy.
July will see the launch of a new television campaign. This will be followed by online as well as trade activation. What’s more, brand ambassador Salman Khan will be promoting the variant.
Not surprisingly, Khan was roped in around the same time as arch rival Wrigley, which has Boomer and Orbit in its portfolio, introduced actress Deepika Padukone as its brand ambassador. For its part, Wrigley proudly boasts endorsements from various dental associations worldwide — the World Dental Federation, American Dental Association and 17 others — to promote Orbit.

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