The KQA will celebrate the 27th Anniversary of its founding with ASKQANCE 2010–a two-day festival of Open Quizzing. 

The programme:
19th and 20th June, at The Institute of Agricultural Technologists, Queen’s Road, Bangalore.

Day One (19th June 2010)

Event I
By Hooke or by Crookes
Open  Science Quiz
Schedule:  0930hrs to 1230hrs

Event II
Hoarse Latitudes
Open Travel Quiz
Schedule : 1300-1545 hrs

Event III
Son of Lumiere
Open Movie Quiz
Schedule: 1615hrs-2000hrs.

Day Two (20th June 2010)

Event IV
Kibitz Simple
Open Sports and Leisure Quiz
Schedule: 1000hrs to 1300hrs

Event V
The Open Quiz
QM: Arul Mani
Schedule:1400— 1630hrs

Event VI
KQA Founders’  Trophy Quiz
Face-off between Mega-Whats city-winners
QMs: Arul Mani and Kiran Vijayakumar.
Schedule: 1700hrs-1900hrs

 More details on the official site here


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