Brand Equity Quiz 2010 – Mumbai Edition

HUL represented by Pradeep Ramrathnam and Mohit beat PraAmerica in a breathtaking finish at this year’s Mumbai Edition of Brand Equity Quiz. of the 50 + teams, Sun Microsystems, Savoir Faire, CRISIL and IMRB were the other teams on stage.

Praneeth reviews the Mumbai Round of Brand Equity Quiz and provides the questions from the final rounds here

Some Questions:

. What should be served at exactly 6 degrees and poured in 120 seconds – Draught Guinness
2. The founder of dexter shoe company used for the first time the concept of – Factory Outlets
3. If you are shopping at Maniharon ka rasta, what are you buying- Jewelry
4. Who wrote the book- principles of Management – David Ogilvy
5. Young girls want Barbie to be – Anchorwomen
6. In 1896, what was cultivated for the first time by Raghu Bhosle – Nagpur Orange

For the complete set of questions from the Mumbai Brand Equity Quiz 2010 click here

Reviews and Questions from the other cities here

Prepare for BEQ:  BEQ- 2009 Questions here


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