Brand Equity Quiz 2010 – Chennai Edition

KPMG, Citibank, Nokia, TCS and Sanmar were the deserving Chennai finalists with a cutoff of 21. KPMG won the quiz followed by TCS.

For the on-stage controversy , complete review and questions please visit Arjun mathur’s Blog here

Some Questions:

1. What is the item for which, Kalyanam Iyengar was the first person to make?

2. Who coined the term ‘mega marketing’?

3. Which governing body was established in 1992 by the Government of India to control or regulate the issue of securities, investors and market Intermediaries?

4. For BP who coined the name ‘Jyothi Amma’ a village entrepreneur who would help, sell and educate villages.

5. The Coffee board of India has a mascot. Its named Coffee—–

 Complete review and questions please visit Arjun mathur’s Blog here

Reviews and Questions from the other cities here

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2 thoughts on “Brand Equity Quiz 2010 – Chennai Edition

  1. we were the 7th in the prelims&were robbed off a place in the finals.organisers should not have let in a team which doesnot satisfy norms.It has now become a legal issue and we have requested for a repeat chennai final round with six legit qualifiers

    anil raghavan

  2. sheesh anil raghavan
    get a life man!
    if u were good enough you would have made it

    the fault is squarely with ET for letting them participate.

    One should learn to stop whining, its just a quiz, and get on with life

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