Brand Equity Quiz 2010- Chandigarh Edition

The city was recently rated the cleanest in the country but the beauty failed to bring in the crowds at the debut edition of Brand Equity Quiz ’10. Although the turnout was less than a dozen, Derek was his flamboyant best. In the end, Abhinav & Rahul from Infosys Technologies booked their seat in the National Final.

Some questions from Chandigarh:

1) Which city in India is often used to describe an extra large dose of alcohol ? (Patiala as in Patiala Peg)

2)Which bank’s offical estimate of the size of economies is known as the Atlas Method ? (World Bank)

3)Which union minister coined the term Chindia ? (Jairam Ramesh)

4)Which was the first company to have a celebrity spokesperson ? (Coca Cola)

5)What is classified as fermented/black/unfermented on basis of manufacturing process ? (Tea)

For the complete review and questions from Chandigarh Brand Equity Quiz ’10, click here


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