Brand Equity Quiz 2010- Delhi Edition

Accenture Delhi duo of Sandipan Chaudhuri and Rohan Khanna, winners of the nationals’ finals last year will now travel to Mumbai to defend their title after completing a comprehensive win in Delhi. The other finalists on stage included HT Media, COntract,Bates 141 and NTPC.

Some questions from the Delhi Round:

1)We know big 4s(Delloitte,E n Y, KPMG, PWC). Then who are big 3s
Ans. Ford, GM, Chrysler

2)Baburam devidayal (Paranthe wale)offered Rs 1100 if anyone could prove that –
Ans. They were not using Desi Ghee

3)Who is the man behind Diamond Music Company?
Ans. Neil Diamond

4)Where would you find first writtten rule for apprenticeship ?
Ans. The Code of Hamurabi

Please find the entire list of questions from Brand Equity 2010 Delhi Edition on Piyush’s blog here

Complete set of Delhi BEQ ’10 Questions here

Reviews and Questions from the other cities here

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