Brand Equity Quiz 2010- Kolkata Edition

Brand Equity Quiz 2010 Kolkata round 

At the end of the day, it was JWT, represented by Angshuman Roy and Goutam Roy, who romped home with top honours.
Earlier in the evening, after an exciting elimination round, six teams made the final cut from the initial 25. These included JWT, mjunction, TCS, Rourkela Steel Plant, Spencer’s Retail and two professors from management institute ISB&M, making up the senior-most team of all.

Read the entire review here

Some Questions

What made Uncle Scrooge make it to the No 2 rank in the Forbes list of richest fictional characters?

In a business hierarchy, what is the marzipan layer?

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7 thoughts on “Brand Equity Quiz 2010- Kolkata Edition

  1. Just 25 teams? Is it a typo, because otherwise it Seems ridiculous!
    Also, please do post the prelims of Delhi round and Kolkata one

      • Lol! Would you pay such participation fees to enter into the brand equity, Rohit?
        Even with so many sponsors (Times Of India, Mahindra) the fees for participation is exorbitant.

        Another case in point is an upcoming corporate quiz on this Friday, New Delhi with a participation fees of Rs. 10,000 per team of 2 members! sponspors for this are Mint(HT Media)

      • Yes there were only 25 teams in kolkata probably higher than Pune,Ahmedabad & Chandigarh but of course lower than Bangalore,Chennai,Delhi,Mumbai,Hyderabad.
        But then BEQ Kolkata edition has always drawn between 20-30 teams.The high entrance fees puts off the participants & the fact it is held on a week day at 6 P.M. also reduces the no of participants.
        As regards the questions with local flavours of course they were present but to a limited degree not like last year when there were at least 9 local questions in the prelim.It is probably a way to keep out the migratory birds
        I will contribute the questions i have with me but pls bear for some time.
        Also really suprised to see the same question repeated in Kolkata & Delhi going by Piyush’s post.

      • Weekday, entry fee etc is all crap. Kolkata has seen reduced participation becoz of a lack of interest of becoz ppl hv moved to other cities.

        For BT Acumen – which was free – There would’ve been hardly 20 people taking the prelims…which essentially is 10 teams! So 25 teams in Cal, on a weekday, with 6k entry fee, is a huge number.

  2. The Q’s were excellent.However,it left a bitter test for outstation teams like ours.6 out of 30 Qs on Kolkata and Bengali literature/books made qualifying difficult for almost all Outstn. teams.Audience Qs also mostly on Kolkata/Bengal.And this was a national level Quiz .Considering the fact that The O’briens are pioneers of Quizzing in India and Kolkata used to be the Quiz capital of India( not anymore though),it was very hard to digest.No wonder only local teams with one odd outsider team with a bengali member who had done studies at Kolkata )could make it to the finals.

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