Brand Equity Quiz 2010 – Mumbai Edition Prelims

The prelims questions from the Mumbai Edition of Brand Equity Quiz 2010 are provided below. Questions are courtesy Megashyam Shirodkar of Pramerica. Megashyam and team stood second in a closely fought Mumbai Final. Many Congrats to you and Thank you for the questions

  1. Which of the following was also a village official in ancient/medieval India? Lele/Karmarkar/Kulkarni (Kulkarni)
  2. Paul Krugman says that he became interested in _________ after reading the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov in which scientists use the study of psychohistory to sane civilization from disarray. (Economics)
  3. In 1930, 2 tolas of what product were auctioned for Rs. 525/- to Seth Ranchhod Shodhan, a mill-owner of Ahmedabad? (Salt from the Dandi March)
  4. A _______ brand is a lower priced offering launched by a company to take on specific competitors that are attempting to under-price them. FITB (Fighter)
  5. In order to retain Mumbai as it’s capital, Maharashtra paid a compensation of Rs. 56 Crore & 300 villages to which state? (Gujarat)
  6. What is the main flavor in the drink Kahlua? (Coffee)
  7. For the promotion of what movie did it’s lead actors ring the Opening Bell at the NYSE? (My Name Is Khan)
  8. Launched in 1910, which type of biscuits is named after a French family? (Bourbon)
  9. According to some management guru, the best quality inspectors need to have a _______? Core Skill/Suit/Conscience (Conscience)
  10. What modern item of clothing is the contribution of the residents of the Sumer Islands? (Bermuda Shorts)
  11. In 1894, a Mississippi businessman named Joseph Biedenharn used to travel up & down the state selling Coca Cola. He is now recognized as the first official _______ (7 letters) of Coca Cola? (Bottler)
  12. A 17th century English inventor of the seed drill lends his name ______ ____ (2 words) to a famous British rock group. FITB (Jethro Tull)
  13. In what currency would you need to buy a ticket if you wanted to see the tomb of Tutankhamen? (Egyptian Pound)
  14. Many companies use the colour ____ in their color schemes/branding because this colour traditionally represents purpose, peace, water, stability, cold, etc. FITB (Blue)
  15. Which U.S. state is the world’s largest producer of raisins? (California)
  16. What is the most famous work of an individual named Bhagwan Rampure from Solapur? (BSE Bull sculpture)
  17. In 2009, what did Forbes magazine identify as the ‘fastest-appreciating sports business on earth’? (Indian Premier League)
  18. Who did Kalpana Chawla credit as being the inspiration for her interest in aviation? (JRD Tata)
  19. According to research, which Asian country is the highest originator of internet scams & phishing? China/India/Japan/Pakistan (India)
  20. Which company acquired the rights to a famous painting for advertising purposes & later changed it’s name to the title of the painting? (HMV)
  21. Visual; id the person >>> Pic of a clean-shaven guy against the backdrop of a flaming red car bonnet profile with a snazzy headlight showing. (Dilip Chhabria)
  22. Visual >>> Logo of BCCI
  23. Visual >>> Pic of a roadside eatery with the logo showing but name blanked out, id. (Bade Miyan, behind the Taj Hotel, Mumbai)
  24. Visual >>> Pic of a robotic dog, identify the name. (AIBO)
  25. Visual >>> Poster of a Hindi movie showing Ajay Devgan with a cigarette dangling from his lips, Viveik Oberoi, Manisha Koirala, Mohanlal, etc. Id the movie (Company)
  26. Thomas Friedman got the idea for the title of his book ‘The World Is Flat’ from an interview with whom? Nandan Nilekani/Azim Premji/Ratan Tata/Rahul Bajaj (Nandan Nilekani)
  27. Peter Drucker has said that ________ is the only major occupation of man for which we have not yet developed tools that make an average person capable of competence and performance. Farming/Teaching/Accounting/Advertising (Teaching)
  28. In 1944, a set of proposals for the development of the post-independence economy of India called the Bombay Plan was published by John Mathai, JRD Tata & which other prominent Mumbai industrialist? (G.D. Birla)
  29. In 2006, what was created by Biz Stone, Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, and others with the working name “Status” for a while? (Twitter)
  30. Sumantra Ghoshal has classified what/who into 4 types: Purposeful, Detached, Frenzied, Procrastinators? (Managers)

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The UWA Open Quiz 2010

The University Women’s Association of Bangalore (UWAB)
The UWA Open Quiz 2010
An Open General Quiz for teams of 3 – there has to be at least 1 woman participant in each team.
There will be a written preliminary round, followed by an 8-team, on-stage finals.
Attractive prizes for the top 3 teams, and prizes for all finalists and for THE BEST WOMAN QUIZZER OF THE YEAR.
Special Team Prizes (BEST FAMILY TEAM, BEST ALL WOMAN TEAM, BEST COLLEGIATE TEAM) also in store and loads of audience prizes to be won.
When – Saturday, May 29, 2010
Reporting Time – 3:30 PM
Where – Yavanika Auditorium, Nrupathunga Road, Bangalore
Quizmasters – Team Nexus – Venky and Kivi

Entry fee – Zero *
Please register prior with team details by sending an email to Seating preference will be given for registered teams.
For details contact, Saritha S on +91 98867 78519 or Venkatesh S (Venky) on +91 98457 19332.
For more details, please visit

Brand Equity Quiz 2010 – Chennai Edition

KPMG, Citibank, Nokia, TCS and Sanmar were the deserving Chennai finalists with a cutoff of 21. KPMG won the quiz followed by TCS.

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Some Questions:

1. What is the item for which, Kalyanam Iyengar was the first person to make?

2. Who coined the term ‘mega marketing’?

3. Which governing body was established in 1992 by the Government of India to control or regulate the issue of securities, investors and market Intermediaries?

4. For BP who coined the name ‘Jyothi Amma’ a village entrepreneur who would help, sell and educate villages.

5. The Coffee board of India has a mascot. Its named Coffee—–

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Brand Equity Quiz 2010 – Mumbai Edition

HUL represented by Pradeep Ramrathnam and Mohit beat PraAmerica in a breathtaking finish at this year’s Mumbai Edition of Brand Equity Quiz. of the 50 + teams, Sun Microsystems, Savoir Faire, CRISIL and IMRB were the other teams on stage.

Praneeth reviews the Mumbai Round of Brand Equity Quiz and provides the questions from the final rounds here

Some Questions:

. What should be served at exactly 6 degrees and poured in 120 seconds – Draught Guinness
2. The founder of dexter shoe company used for the first time the concept of – Factory Outlets
3. If you are shopping at Maniharon ka rasta, what are you buying- Jewelry
4. Who wrote the book- principles of Management – David Ogilvy
5. Young girls want Barbie to be – Anchorwomen
6. In 1896, what was cultivated for the first time by Raghu Bhosle – Nagpur Orange

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Brand Equity Quiz 2010 – Hyderabad Edition

Please find the review from the Hyderabad Editon of Brand Equity Quiz 2010.

Review and questions thanks to Murali Duggineni of Quizjunkie Blog and Quinkie fame.

Back from the Hyderabad leg of Brand Equity Quiz. 40 plus teams turned up for the prelims. After a decent prelims, the six teams that made it to the finals were: Google, IBM, Microsoft, Vizag Steel 1, Bhilai Steel, Vizag Steel – 2.
The quiz was a cliffhanger till the end. Three teams had a chance to win in the last round. In the end  IBM, represented by Raghuram Rallapalli and Raghuram, emerged as the winners cracking some nice stuff with a cool mind. Both the teams from Vizag Steel finished second and third.

Some Questions:

1. Where were the 3M post-it notes first used?
A: Churches

2. Which product from AP is the latest to join the list of Geographical Indicators ?
A: Tirupati Laddu

3. Visual of Puma (animal)

4. What is a Blackberry Prayer?
A: Hunching ones shoulders (when one is in a meeting) and responding to/sending an SMS

5. What common thing you find in most of the households is also known as a Devil’s Ivy?
A: Money Plant

6. What’s the American equivalent of “Scotch” whiskey?
A: Bourbon 

7. Pic of Roshni Nadar

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Brand Equity Quiz 2010- Pune Edition

Ajay and Jayakumar’s team from Infosys, Pune finalized their spot in the Brand Equity Quiz ’10 National Final by beating Advinus, Cognizant, MYO Green, RBI and QED Baton. This is the second Infosys team to register a spot in the final after the Infosys Chandigarh team.

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Some Questions from the Pune BEQ Prelims:

1. An industrial township completing 100 years this year
2. Chairman of Afras Ventures in 2007
3. Saris that take their patterns from the Ajanta caves
4. Biggest charitable donations in history
5. Howard Shultz worked as a Xerox salesman, later moved to another company, which he ended up buying after 4 years. Which co?

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