Brand Equity Quiz 2010

Quizmaster: Derek O’Brien

Official ET Coverage here

Bangalore: FICO wins BEQ 2010 Bangalore Edition. Find Bangalore BEQ ’10 review and questions here

Calcutta: JWT wins BEQ 2010 Kolkata Edition. Find Kolkata BEQ ’10 review and some questions here

Delhi: Accenture wins BEQ 2010 Delhi Edition. Find Delhi BEQ ’10 review and questions here

Ahmedabad: Triton Communications wins BEQ 2010 Delhi Edition. Find Delhi BEQ ’10 review here

Chandigarh: Infosys wins BEQ 2010 Chandigarh Edition. Find Chandigarh review and questions here

Pune: Infosys wins BEQ 2010 Pune Edition. Find Pune review and questions here

Hyderabad: IBM wins BEQ 2010 Hyderabad Edition. Find Hyderabad review and questions here

Mumbai : HUL wins BEQ 2010 Mumbai Edition. Find Mumbai review and questions here

Chennai: KPMG wins BEQ 2010 Chennai Edition. Find Chennai review and questions here

Prepare for BEQ, check the BEQ 2009 Questions here


24 thoughts on “Brand Equity Quiz 2010

  1. Breaking News

    Brand Equity Quiz 2010 Dates

    Quizmaster: Derek O’Brien

    Bangalore: 5 May 2010
    Calcutta: 6 May 2010
    Delhi: 8 May 2010
    Ahmedabad: 10 May 2010
    Chandigarh: 12 May 2010
    Pune: 14 May 2010
    Mumbai: 15 May 2010
    Chennai: 19 May 2010
    Hyderabad: To be announced later

  2. Can you send me the details of the BRAND EQUITY QUIZ 2010 THAT IS BEING HELD ON 5-MAY-2010 IN BANGALORE.

    Please anyone send me all details of this event.

  3. Can anybody please clarify what is the source of the information. ET has no information on its website, and moreover with just 2 weeks to go, why they have not come up with the registration process and forms.

  4. Please correct the scheduled dates for Mumbai and Hyderabad. As per official BEQ link they are :

    Hyderabad – 15th May 2010
    Mumbai – 17th May 2010

    Request the correction to be made urgently as the information is misleading

  5. Hello anybody out there who has an update on the BRAND EQUITY QUIZ 2010, BANGALORE. The BEQ 2010 has been kicked off at B’lore on 05-May-2010. Please post anything anyone might have on this, reviews, questions etc. Thanks

  6. Hi There

    Anyone has info the format of the prelims rounds, is it a buzzer round or the questions pass on from team 2 team .. how is it.. any clue anybody


  7. Hi Team,

    I have the complete Elims from the Mumbai Regional Round of the Brand Equity Quiz 2010 that took place yesterday. Do you want me to share the same? Where do I e-mail them?


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