Tata Crucible Campus 2010- Kolkata Edition

A very elegant review of the Kolkata Crucible, with a personal Quiz Club touch. Kolkata Crucible review and questions here


One thought on “Tata Crucible Campus 2010- Kolkata Edition

  1. A review

    ISB rocks Hyderabad edition

    If there were two things that appealed to me at the Hyderabad edition of Tata Crucible Campus 2010 it was the number of girls teams who made it to the final and the new scoring format that ensures the team which knows answers to questions others pass will eventually benefit and win beacuse of the overthrow rule.

    The prelim was a tough one, cut offs in the range of 11 and 12. Finals was a very very close fight between ISB (the eventual winner) IBS, VNR and Vasavi Engg. NIT-W also did well in parts.

    The quiz had some extremely well researched questions particularly in the visual rounds. Giri’s lateral thinking continues to strike a chord. The craker at Crucible this time is the 2020 theme which is so unpredictable and makes it a great quiz to watch.

    ISB beat IBS simple because they were better on the passes, the answer on a corn flakes brand from the Pakistan army being the answer of the quiz, while the branding of the Hyderabad Airport done by Ray and Keshavan was the clicher.

    The bad thing is the reduced audience questions at Hyderabad. Its such a let down when a quiz has just 5 questions for the crowd as the crew was in a hurry to get to Bangalore for the show tomorrow and gee overheard it was Pickbrain’s wedding anniversary. Well, Happy anniversary Pickbrain but please ask more audience questions. Congrats ISB do rock at the final.

    Revathi Arun

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