Questions from Gnosomania and Bizipaedia

Avinash Mudaliar, one of the best quizmasters in the country, recently conducted a slew of quizzes ranging from an Auto Quiz in Allahabad to a Business Quiz in eastern Silchar. As exuberant and entertaining as ever, Avinash recently concluded 6 quizzes at MNNIT, Allahabad which included an Auto Quiz, General Quiz, Corporate quiz amongst many others. This was followed by a couple of Business Quizzes at LBSIM, Delhi and NIT-Silchar as part of Incandescence ’10. He also enthralled the audience at Silchar with a General Quiz the same night.

Pls find below a PotPourri of Questions that has sucessfully collected.

Read an earlier review of Gnosomania ’10 here

Stay tuned for more reviews and questions!


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