Tata Crucible Campus 2010- Indore Edition

Review sent in by Rakesh Mathur. Thanks Rakesh

The Indore quiz was held today and was a grand success with a record 242 teams take part in the quiz. Prelim had 20 questions from which 12 wild card round teams were picked. IIM Indore won both wild card quiz to have 3 team in final.

Final was super show and final question decider if Ankita and Anshuman of IIPS would make national finals or IIM team Debasish and Sri Ganesh (2009 winner also). If IIPS had got answer on first clue they were winner and so another team from IIM who had not chance to win hit buzzer and gave wrong answer to save Debasish and Sri Ganesh. I think it was not fair but Pickbrain did not say anything and IIM Indore won again.

However on other questions Debasis and Sai Ganesh were really too good and also they announced to have got 19 mark in prelim (cut off was 10).

Over all very good quiz and Pickbrain, as usual was good and IIM again the winner.

For  the questions from the Indore Round please click here (and another review)


3 thoughts on “Tata Crucible Campus 2010- Indore Edition

  1. Hi Rohit,
    I work with ICICI at Indore and was at the quiz. In my view the allegation by Rakesh on foul play by the IIM teams on stage is absurd, ridiculous and baseless.

    Giri is a very professional QM, perhaps best know for his fairplay, so it is unfortunate that a youngster has to state that ‘Pickbrain ignored it’. To add to that, the IIM team were superb – let us face it they were the best and think even the team that lost to them would agree.

    Infact they won because of the new rule where you get a bonus on each pass of a question and they answered two questions as the last team so got 11 twice. Incidentally, I think the system introduced is brilliant and will soon be followed at a lot of quiz shows.

    Rohit, you do run a good blog but you must be careful on what you choose to put up and reject.
    Keep the good job up.

    • Hi Sudesh,

      Its nice to note how avid a quizzer you are. But I think we are blowing statements out of proportion. The review seems to be a very unbiased one and aptly captured from a third party point-of-view.

      I think Rakesh has been very honest and mentioned in the very next line the tenacity of the team that won.

      http://quizzing.in has always believed in carrying reviews straight out of the horses’ mouth and I assure you we will continue to do that. By editing a review and tailoring it to the likes of the world, we will only create another China.
      Quizzing.in believes in the FCFP (First Come First Post) policy and will stand by it.

      Besides, Debashish and Ganesh are an quizzing excellent duo to even bother about such statements. It’s unfortunate that we make their victory look murky by raising such nonexistent unnecessary controversies.


      • Rohit,
        I guess you are making the point I am trying to drive home that we should not take the sheen away from a good team that deserved to win. What irked me is the veiled attack on them in the report (since we dont want to be like ‘china’ I was merely being Indian and voicing my view).

        Infact I spoke to pickbrain who pointed that though the team who pressed the buzzer had no chance to win, a 12 pointer would have got them into third place.

        Appreciate your response.

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