Tata Crucible Campus 2010 Schedule

A 20 city Tata Crucible to excite more students including those in Guwahati and Manipal. Have a look at the dates below. Updates questions and results as and when they happen.

Tata Crucible Campus 2010 :Nagpur: IMT (Neha Katyal & Team) – For review click here

Tata Crucible Campus 2010 Indore: IIM (Debashish & Sri Ganesh)- For review and questions from Indore edition click here

Tata Crucible Campus 2010: Jaipur: For Review and Questions from Jaipur Click here

Tata Crucible Campus 2010:  Chandigarh: Questions from Tata Crucible Chandigarh Edition here

Tata Crucible Campus 2010: Delhi: Review and Questions from Tata Crucible Delhi Edition here

Tata Crucible Campus 2010 Chennai: Review and Questions from Prelims and Finals of Chennai Edition here

Tata Crucible Campus 2010: Kolkata: Review and Questions from Kolkata Edition here

Tata Crucible Campus 2010: Bhubaneswar: Questions from the Bhubaneshwar Tata Crucible Campus 2010 Edition here

Tata Crucible Campus 2010 Ranchi: Find Questions from the Ranchi Campus Edition of Tata Crucible 2010 here

Tata Crucible Campus 2010 : Mumbai: Find Review and Questions from the Mumbai Campus Edition of Tata Crucible 2010 here

Tata Crucible Campus 2010 :  Pune: Find review and questions from the Pune Campus Edition of Tata Crucible 2010 here

Tata Crucible Campus 2010- Manipal: Questions from Manipal Campus Edition of Tata Crucible 2010 here

Review of the National Final of Tata Crucible Campus 2010 here

Questions & Review from the International Final of Tata Crucible Campus 2010


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4 thoughts on “Tata Crucible Campus 2010 Schedule

  1. Campus Crucible 2010 – Nagpur

    The city of oranges played host to Tata Crucible and responded overwhelmingly to the first ever Crucible being held here. Teams had to sit on the floor as the hotel banquet was small for the turnout. Not that anyone complained as they were all too eager to see Pickbrain in live action and many scrambling to get a pic with him.

    Cut to the action, the quiz itself was fantastic, pulsating and lived up to the theme of 2020 cricket with a last ball six by Neha Katyal winning IMT the title. VNIT came second.

    The interesting things in Crucible this year is the new format.

    Basic format is same as I have seen at Hyderabad with two wild card rounds and then a final for 6 teams.

    There is the introduction of a fantastic new idea to quizzing and I am glad to report it first – a system based on progressive increments (called overthrows) where the value of a direct question is 6, if it passes to the next team the value becomes 7 and so on. The logic is if you can answer a question passed by 5 teams you deserve more than the base value of the answer. Awesome concept and it did tilt scales as passed questions become more value oriented. Cool idea but I think a lot of quizzers will have their views on this as it goes to other cities.

    There was also a PowerPlay which can deployed by a team only on direct questions and it gives you the chance to do a super six (double your score) but with a negative if you are wrong.

    The trademark connect round and multiclue round (all visual based) were exciting. On the whole loads of fun and huge number of audience prizes to be won. Finally, a great day for quizzing at Nagpur given that we all had the VNIT Quiz Fest as well.

    All the best to every Neha and Soumya – win it for Nagpur.


  2. Tata Crucibel Campus 2010 Indore Round Report

    Dear Rohit Sir,
    First of all I am big fan of your blog and read daily. Today we had Indore round and here is the report. Please publish the same.

    Thanking You
    Your Sincerely,
    Rakesh Mathur
    BCom – MITMS

    The Indore quiz was held today and was a grand success with a record 242 teams take part in the quiz. Prelim had 20 questions from which 12 wild card round teams were picked. IIM Indore won both wold card quiz to have 3 team in final.

    Final was super show and final question decider if Ankita and Anshuman of IIPS would make national finals or IIM team Debasish and Sri Ganesh (2009 winner also). If IIPS had got answer on first clue they were winner and so another team from IIM who had not chance to win hit buzzer and gave wrong answer to save Debasish and Sri Ganesh. I think it was not fair but Pickbrain did not say anything and IIM Indore won again.

    However on other questions Debasis and Sri Ganesh were really too good and also they announced to have got 19 mark in prelim (cut off was 10).

    Over all very good quiz and Pickbrain sir as usual was star performer and IIM again the winner.

    After quiz I got the hounour to interview Pickbrain sir and he was so happy for 200 plus team in place like Indore where 3 years back nobody knews about business quiz and came to see with normal GK books. Our IYCA (Indore Youth Cultural Academy) is planning to give Pickbrain award for building business quiz clulture in this place. When I told him this he was so humble he then said ‘Dont give me award, use that to create a prize for a inter school quiz and do more for schools, that is important’.

    Also Rohit sir – I told Pickbrain sir about your blog and he said you are one of best quizzers he has seen. I thought I should tell you.

  3. Crucible 2010 Campus Delhi

    Delhi edition saw record participation with over 250 teams in the fray. Prelims were of moderate difficulty with cut-off at 12 and highest score of 17. There were hints galore and Giri cheekily slipped in a couple of giveaway clues.

    Four teams to qualify directly were IMT-G, IIFT, FMS & DOMS-IITD. First wild card round saw the undergrad team from SSCBS qualify and the 2nd wild card was bagged by another IMT-G team of Karan/Alekhya.

    Giri ‘pickbrain’ was quite effusive in his praise of SSCBS team and amazingly remembered the same team qualifying for wild card in 2009 edition as well. His praise was interspersed with good-humored digs at SSCBS team’s relative youth as they are in 2nd yr of undergrad (I see you finally have a beard!)

    The finals were a short affair with a measly 23 questions spread across 6 rounds. IMT-G team of Sriharsha/Satya opened in style by bagging 12 off the first qs courtesy powerplay. No other team could manage to get their directs though all, except SSCBS, scored on passes.

    Rnd 2 saw SSCBS open their account as they pulled a blinder on their direct (Funda behind Skoal Mint). The two IMT teams scored handsomely in this rnd (16 & 10).
    SSCBS took calculated risk in the Tata round and were rewarded by two sixers. This took them to third spot behind the IMT teams with just 10 points separating the top 3.

    Round 5 didnt make much of a change with top 3 teams and IITD scoring 6 apiece. With Sriharsha/Satya at 34, Karan/Alekhya (IMT) @ 29 and SSCBS @ 24, it was still anyone’s race.

    Round 6 had 3 qs with each comprising of 3 clues. Sriharsha/Satya had a brilliant crack when they got the answer at first clue itself (Logo of Lifespaces – Mahindra). Their joy was short-lived when IMT-2 gave an equally stunning answer to the 2nd qs (Indiaabroad venture by an Indian company – Rediff.com).

    It became a two-horse race with just 5 points separating the two teams and a maximum of 12 points up for grabs. IITD went for buzzer at first clue hoping to upstage SSCBS from 3rd spot (Axles India is a subsidiary of this big Indian group). It wasnt to be as they got negative for wrong ans.
    On 2nd clue Karan/Alekhya went for broke as they chased 8 points and 1st spot (Jive and Wego). However their chase ended in heartbreak with wrong ans of Mahindra against TVS.

    Thus Sriharsha/Satya were crowned Delhi champions and Karan/Alekhya came runners-up, making it an IMT-G 1-2. And as Giri noted, this also made it Four-in-a-Row for IMT-G.

    Giri made special mention of 2nd runners-up SSCBS describing their efforts as noteworthy against the “Big Daddies of quizzing” viz B-Schools.

    The quizzing standards were quite high with Giri “disclosing” that his research team had slipped in few national-level qs keeping in mind Delhi’s quizzing credentials (Though he might have been playing to the gallery on this one!).
    On-stage brilliance of finalists was a double-edged sword for audience as only 2 qs came their way!

    Overall it was a riveting afternoon of quizzing with great venue (Taj Hotel), generous hospitality, a witty & engaging QM and high-quality quizzing.

    PS – As an IMTian, Pro-IMT bias is bound to creep in. Plz ignore it 😛

  4. Crucible 2010 Campus Delhi Prelims Questions

    1. Which sports company’s logo is named Omini

    2. Miramax films is owned by which entertainment giant
    walt Disney

    3. Pic of Shishir Bajaj. This person is in news. Context – Family split in business

    4. Name of Mira Nair’s production company – Controversy as it is also the name of an iconic personality
    Meerabai production

    5. Worlds largest digital camera manufacturer

    6. Logo of Harper Collins – Logo of which publishing giant

    7. Who is the sponsor of Indian men’s hockey team

    8. Rock of gibraltar is the logo of which insurance company

    9. Cover of Cpitalism: The unknown ideal. Author? Not a business guru but a writer
    Ayn Rand

    10. Campaign by UNICEF about potable water.

    11. Kentucky fried cruelty Ad campaign by?

    12. Worlds strongest beer Samichlaus in Zurich. On sale in which other country. Options: Germany, UK, Austria

    13. Claudia schiffer made her American debut with which jeans brand – The answer is quite guessable, you can easily guess the ans…

    14. Identify this US billionaire – Carl Iachan

    15. Pharma company named after latin for “New Skills”

    16. Print Ad:One Partnership, Endless Possibilities

    17. Neck & Ties are exclusive outlets at airports by which iconic company

    18. Random House is owned by ?

    19. Which bird is the symbol of Swarovski?

    20. Song of Bachna Ae Haseeno. Id the producer.
    Yash Raj Films

    Will post the Mains later…

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