BBlitz @ Graffiti '09

Quiz: BBlitz
Part of: Graffiti ’09
Flavour: Business Quiz

Open to: Students
Host: SCIT, Pune
Date: 9th January 2010
Venue: SCIT
Quizmaster: Ravi Handa
Official Website:
More details, Contact:
Swati: 9503428416


2 thoughts on “BBlitz @ Graffiti '09

  1. A fantastic quiz…made the final finished fourth…SCHMRD took the first two positions Followed by Symbiosis Law School followed By IBS Bangalore the last two spots was again taken by Symbiosis Law School. The Cut off for the 25 Ques Prelims was set at 12 With Highest being 21. The Quizmaster did a fantastic job with the content of the quiz which was top notch for a student quiz..Kudos to Ravi Handa

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