TCS IT Wiz 2009- Kochi Questions

Vignesh G and Roshan J George from Pallikoodam, Kottayam won the Kochi round closely followed by Prithvi Lal and Anand Krishnan from Loyola School, Thiruvananthapuram.

Some questions from the prelims below (thank you Anoop for sharing these questions with everyone)

1.athalon turions chips are from?
2.pic of N. chandrashekaran.
3.which countries domain name .lk?
4.expansion of perl was given .find the program..
5.e-go from which company?
6.first e-port of india?
7.logo of NCR.
8.logo of silverlight.
9.’do the new’ identify mobile communication?
10.pic of transformers.
11.pic of founders of twitter(3 persons)
12.names of zukerberg,and 2 more who found facebook
13.story about naming ‘windows’
14.expand LED? a binary tree,what is called a node with similar parents?


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