Tata Crucible Bangalore 2009 Questions

The Bangalore edition of Tata Crucible saw a close fight between Yahoo! and Kotak but Yahoo sealed it with a fantastic answer related to Ajay Bhat.

The other teams on stage were Onmobile, ITC, HSBC and DELL.

Find the prelim questions here. Finals questions soon.



3 thoughts on “Tata Crucible Bangalore 2009 Questions

  1. Hi Rohit,
    Bangalore questions are very nice and interesting. Do hope he has a similar lineup for Kolkata. Was the final equally interesting. Pickbrain’s research this time seems far better than campus.

  2. 4 teams scored 18 and made it to finals,however we had a tie-breaker of 5 teams who scored equal points and also missed out the star mark question wrong.)

    we were expecting to be there in the tie-breaker cause we scored 16 also.

    However Giri took name of Rourkela team missing by a whisker for the tie breaker.

    Met Giri after the finals to clarify,why with 16 points we were not there in tie-breaker,he informed that 17 was cut-off for the tie-breakers before the finals.

    Last year winners of TCQ-Bhubaneswar from Vizag steel won again.Infosys represented by Javed and preetpal(the regular winners and finalists in bhubaneswar based quizzes) missed out the bus yet again and were satisfied with the runners-up tag.

    Priyamvad and Roshan(regular quizzers) of Tech-mahindra were there on stage.

    Vodafone,BPCL,VIZAG STEEL-2 were the other teams.BPCL failed to open their accounts in the finals.

    The single audience question was answered by me as UPS and got a coffee mug embossed as TATA CRUCIBLE QUIZ 2009.Again ,I have to wait for an year looking at this mug again and again.3 questions were repeated from the campus TCQ-09.

    There were some good connects in the finals.Will detail out the same in a while.Giri kept the prelims very easy,it seems he is still under estimating the quizzer’s potential in Bhubaneswar.

    For prelims questions log on to http://www.marchahead.co.in or http://mrbayleaf.blogspot.com/2009/09/ta-crucible-quiz-corporate-round-non.html

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