Tata Crucible Ranchi Questions Finals 2009


Please find below some finals questions that have been provided by Mr S.Ramani. Thank you very much sir.

1)         Logo of Jharkand govt. was shown.

2)         In India, Coconut bases are used , in Egypt glass is used and so one…..? what is it. Hookah

3)         Which Tata company makes pipes ?Tata Metallics

4)         Tata Tetley founder/history name ?

5)         Tata with which government has launced some swasthya yojna ?Jharkhand govt.

6)         This was founded by govt. of India to educate and entertain the masses……?All India Radio


1)         Movie shown Fashion, old logo “a fish”, Granvals, picture of man ? Nokia ( CEO olle pekka,  Priyanka BA of Nokia,  Old logo of nokia, Granvals signature tune)

2)         Movie Ghazani, Poster of Jodha Akbar, Word “oyzterbay”, ? Tanishq ( Aasin BA, Jodha akbar line of jwellary)

3)         Movie  of sharukh khan, founder photo, word “uniball”  , ?Linc pen

4)         Founder photo,  movie of akshay kumar,  word “Slates”, ?Levi strauss

5)         Movie of Rani Mukherjee, word “ Ume”, Fernius kabi ?Dabur

Last round (1st clue,2nd clue,3rd clue)

1)         Which steel plant was commissioned by J.L.Nehru in collaboration with American govt. this was setup ?Bokaro Steel plant

2)   This institution was founded by   R.V.Tytler                ?

Their motto is “Service before Self”

Delhi Public School

3)         This company was Established in the year 1958 as the largest integrated engineering industrial complex in India? Heavy Engg. Corporation (Ranchi)

Find more Ranchi finals questions and the complete prelims questions here


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