Tata Crucible Jamshedpur (Archived- 2007 Questions)


The questions below are from the 2007 edition of Tata Crucible Jamshedpur. Thank you Sreeni and Annirudha for pointing it out. I was provided the link by a friend. As compensation we promise to bring you the finals questions asap. Thank you and delayed apologies.

2007 prelims (Source: Audospeaks)
1) Which media group owns Radio Mirchi?

Times Group

2) Which Russian millionaire got 50% shares of the Sidenberg oil fields?

Roman Abrahamovich

3) Lance Armstrong endorses 10/2 range of which sports apparel brand?


4) Which bank’s logo is a Harrapa-Mohenjo daro symbol?


5) Which company has launched a new range of products for cars, called Motomax?


6) A book named “Father &Son Co.”. Father Watson sr., son is Watson jr. Which company does it refer to?


7) Which Bollywood actor had a company named, “Golden Wafers”, before he came into the glamour world?

Boman Irani

8) Which company was started in East London in 1843, by Charles Henry, and he intended to sell tea?


10) In KBC 3, the cheques of which bank were given to the winners?


11) Author of the book ” The advantage of Management……….” (Something like this, I don’t remember)
Michael Procter

12) Who is Joseph Kirz?

CEO of erstwhile Arcellor Steel

13) A game which is otherwise known as alfapet or put-a- cross?


14) An ITC initiative, which in Hindi means, “a place of gathering”?


15) Who is Patty Stonesifer?

CEO of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

16) Which is Europe’s Largest Chocalate Manufacturer?


Tata Crucible Questions- Ranchi Corporate 2009 Edition

The complete schedule of the Tata Crucible 2009 Corporate Edition here


4 thoughts on “Tata Crucible Jamshedpur (Archived- 2007 Questions)

  1. Rohit,

    Thanks for the acknowledgment. Another pointer specifically to Question 15.

    Patty Stonesifer no longer is the CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As of 2008, she has been replaced by Jeff Raikes.

    The shelf life of the answer as in case of the Current Affairs question and answers, is over.

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