Tata Crucible Questions

Tata Crucible Questions and Reviews city wise (click on city to get the respective questions)

Chennai 2009

Pune 2009

Ahmedabad 2009

Delhi 2009

Jaipur 2009

Chandigarh 2009

Mumbai 2009

Kolkata 2009

Indore 2009

Bhubaneshwar 2009

Bangalore 2009

Hyderabad 2009

Coimbatore 2009

Cochin 2009

Goa 2009

Jamshedpur 2009

Ranchi 2009

The complete schedule of the Tata Crucible 2009 Corporate Edition here


10 thoughts on “Tata Crucible Questions

  1. Sir,
    It was a truly super quiz today. Was luck by chance for me to win an audience prize from Pickbrain sir. The questions were very good. Tata Steel was too good as a team.

    For all the rumours after Pickbrain’s major surgery that someone else will do the prelims etc.the whole quiz is done by Pickbrain sir himself though he looks little different and slim than before.

    I will type out the questions soon and sent it.
    Varun M

  2. Hi Rohit,
    My team(RSP) stood third at Ranchi.The prelims were relatively easy. I agree that this was because Ranchi is a first time city.I understand that Both the top two teams are regular in quiz ckt.The winning Bhillai team has stuck tpogether for the last 4 years. Hope to do well next time.


    • Thank you Panda sir,

      Firstly, congratulations. I’m sure it was a great experience!
      just 2 requests
      1)how was the ISBM team allowed to participate from Ranchi when I thought it was against the rules?
      2) COuld you shed more light on the final rounds and maybe a few questions to aid the database update.

      • Dear Mr.Nair
        I want to bring to your notice that ISB&M was represented by none other than Dr.Ghosh. They have presence in Ranchi and he is the head. Please note he is a man of high knowledge and will not violate rules.
        Shombit C

      • Dear Shombit,

        Everyone holds Mr Ghosh in very high regard. No doubt about it all! Such doubts are better clarified than allowed to linger in one’s mind. Thank you for providing this information.

  3. hi guyz..this is anupam. Hard luck at the Patna finals!!
    missed out two sitters in the end and 1 buzzer (the buttons proved to be harder than before…!!) and stood third…the SAIL team held their nerves and took it through.
    Was surprised to find last time delhi regional round (campus : IMT Ghaziabad) winner ashish here. he seems to be working in Bihar.
    anyway guyz…lets see what change does TATA’s this new initiative bring in the biz quiz arena of Bihar

    • Thank you Anupam,

      Can u shed more light on the prelims and finals and the finalists including the winners? I’m sure every one is curious to know how the new edition in Patna fared!
      Thanks a lot for taking time out to comment here!


      • sure rohit..!! this is my pleasure..!!
        the winners were Mr. Manoj Kumar Prasad and Mr. Sanjay Shamkuwar from SAIL , Bhilai Steel Plant. towards the end there was a tie between FINO ( Ashish’s team) and SAIL. It took an interesting turn as they managed to keep it tied for 3 questions until they committed a blunder by scratching out the right answer to come up with a wrong one!! and the SAIL team SAILED through..!! šŸ™‚
        it was a great experience talking with giri for an hour post quiz.

      • the finalists were ITC , SAIL , FINO , JOINING POINT (my team), PEARSON EDUCATION and IRCTC.

  4. Hi,

    I have recently started taking interest in Business quizzes. Can you all please tell me how to work on this and become a good quizzer.


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