Greenko Open Quiz

Hyderabad Quiz Club in association with the Greenko Group announces
the second edition of the Greenko Open Quiz in Hyderabad on the 1st of
August, 2009. Details of the quiz are as under:

Date of Quiz : 1 August, 2009

Venue : Hari Hara Kala Bhavan, Begumpet, Hyderabad

Time : 3:00 pm – Elimination Round

4:45 pm – Finals (We expect the finals to finish by 7:15 pm)

Team Size : Teams of Three

Prizes : First Prize – Rs. 18,000 cash
Second Prize – Rs. 12,000 cash
Third Prize – Rs. 9,000 cash

Prizes for all finalists + Top Three School Teams + Best Corporate
Team + Audience Prizes

There is no need for any registration. Please land up at least 30
minutes before the quiz and get cracking.

Please visit or for
updates on the quiz


3 thoughts on “Greenko Open Quiz

  1. Could you also post a report on who wins these quizzes? we rarely get to see any info on those…

    That would be really useful

    • As the evening drew to a close, eight teams were seen pitted against each other. Named QED, Balayya Fan Club, Patna ke Presley, etc, the team members were seen answering questions ranging from heritage sites to names of authors. However, only three teams- Meta Quizzik, Travelling Pillsbury and We are like that (w) managed to reach the top three positions and bag cash prizes of Rs.50,000.
      Award for Infosys
      Of the 30-plus school teams that participated, Little Flower High School, Sri Chaitanya Junior College and Indus World School bagged the top three prizes, while Infosys bagged the Top Corporate Award.

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