Tata Crucible 2009 Corporate Edition

Now that the official dates are out on the Tata Crucible website, find below the updated dates and cities below.

A drastic change in this time’s Crucible is the limitation of a team to participate only from the city where they are employed. Will this now allow Jaipur, Ranchi, Coimbatore, Patna, Indore etc to have winners who were otherwise unkown. We’ll keep you updated. We’ll just wait and watch!

Questions from the cities this year

Chandigarh 2009

Mumbai 2009

Kolkata 2009

Indore 2009

Bhubaneshwar 2009

Bangalore 2009

Hyderabad 2009

Coimbatore 2009

Cochin 2009

Goa 2009

Jamshedpur 2009

Ranchi 2009

Older Tata Crucible questions

Crucible official website


11 thoughts on “Tata Crucible 2009 Corporate Edition

  1. Hi!I am working with TATA-AIG,Bhubaneswar,however TATA Track is not there in Bhubaneswar.So can I take part the one scheduled in Jamshedpur?Kindly answer this if possible?

  2. Hi,
    My group is from Rourkela,Orissa.Can we participte from RANCHI or Bhubaneswar.If not we will be very dissapointed.

  3. Hi, I’m a student of 1st yr PGDM at Institutue of Public Enterprise, Hyderabd.
    I just wanted to know, whether can I be a part of the crucible being held in hyderabad on 29 august?

    • Vishal, You can definitely be part of the audience. The RNR audi is a spacious one.

      SS, you can definitely participate from any city if the event is not happening in your city!

  4. Dear Rohit Sir,
    Can you please post the questions for the rounds that have already become over.
    Thank You
    Ganapathi Rao Gaekwad

  5. Dear Mr Giri/ Head of Dept Tata Crusible

    After i heard about this business quiz being held in chandigarh which is 40 kms from my location Baddi, i made a booking for myself with 2 colleagues to attend the same.On such a pressurized working day we anyhow took out time to attend the quiz and not to miss it at any cost.

    After i got the mail as under and jpeg file attached in which it is clearly mentioned that the event starts at 6.30 pm. But after reaching Taj at 6.30 it was all curtains down with thankyou ceremony. After that i got the REAL information that it started at 4.30pm.

    After such a shocking and unbelievable message i was in deep thought that is the brand ‘TATA’ can even make such a flaw or error in their process of invitations.The comapany which makes and develops software failed in its own simple examination of invitaions.

    After reaching back my office at 11.00 pm i gave a call to Mr Sunil (+91 9815001654) (who’s name is on http://www.tatacrucible.com) says be I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS, DO WHAT EVER YOU FEEL LIKE)
    With him i had a discussions 2 days back for this event.

    2nd call was made to Mr Harish (+91 9212007784) says even i am not responsible as you got the email from email@tatacrusible.com. He asks me will try after you email me at his pmcservices@gmail.com

    This shows the level of responsibility of your other people who are concerned with this.I would like to know is “TATA” brand got such a flaw in their work and responsibility level such that we who are really wanted to get the zeal from this quiz failed to get anything.Feeling very ashamed of such a Indian brand.Shri Ratan Tata is God father and Mentor to young bachelors like us.

    I want strict actions in this matter otherwise this will move to the top levels of TATA management.

  6. Hi,I am doing my study at Singapore.Can I know if the questions of 2009 Singapore edition be posted here?
    Or can anyone gimme a link where I can get those..

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