TCS IT Wiz 2009

TCS IT Wiz Sample Questions downloadable here

Bangalore: Bishop Cotton Boys School – Rishab Mehta & Manish Burman

Kolkata: St. James School – Anurag Sarkar & Vaarnan Drolia

Bhubaneshwar: DAV Pokhariput – Aurojyoti Das & Ambarish Sarangi

Find the review and prelims questions from Bhubaneshwar here

Kochi: Pallikoodam – Kottayam – Vignesh G & Roshan Joseph George

Questions from the Kochi Edition here

Delhi: DPS Noida – Abhishek Gupta & Arjun J

Review and Questions from Delhi Edition here

Coimbatore: St Jude’s Public School: Akash Lodha & Hiren Barai

Review and Questions from Coimbatore Edition here

Find the Updates, winners and tons of preparatory material here


26 thoughts on “TCS IT Wiz 2009

  1. hey plzzz add me to your blog as i am an upcoming quizzer and i want to prepare hard for winning more quizzes and for that i need some expert advise and i think your blog is the perfect place for that . so please add me too.

  2. so lets find the answers to this blowin Q????

    1. What is special about Oracle’s 10g?
    2. What do Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther and Tiger represent in the case of Operating Systems?
    3. What is special about the Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 840?
    4. Which company uses the slogan, “Beyond the obvious”?
    5. What is Carly Fiorina’s claim to fame in the computing industry?
    6. How did the company Accenture derive its name?
    7. Expand POST, DBR and SGML.
    8. Name the seven members who co-founded Infosys.
    9. Who is the CEO (now, 2007) of Cognizant Technology Solutions?
    10. What are Skype and eBay?

  3. hi I was in the cochin edition of tcs it wiz 2009.the prilims were simple got 16 correct.but was not able to get onto the stage.
    some of the prliminary questions were…
    1.athalon turions chips are from?
    2.pic of N. chandrashekaran.
    3.which countries domain name .lk?
    4.expansion of perl was given .find the program..
    5.e-go from which company?
    6.first e-port of india?
    7.logo of NCR.
    8.logo of silverlight.
    9.’do the new’ identify mobile communication?
    10.pic of transformers.
    11.pic of founders of twitter(3 persons)
    12.names of zukerberg,and 2 more who found facebook
    13.story about naming ‘windows’
    14.expand LED? a binary tree,what is called a node with similar parents?

    • anoop wich scool are ye from?
      i was also thre for the cochin prelims…got 16 and finished 7th and all i got was a stupid T-Shirt
      were you in the top ten announced by pick brain???????
      just curious,plzz reply!!!!

  4. Watched the Mumbai Round today.

    Lokhandwala Foundation School won followed by Dhirubhai Ambani on tiebreak. Over 500 teams participated.

    Word of advice for teams. Keep your hands on the buzzer during the buzzer round and not off it. With 3 out of 5 rounds on the buzzer, buzzer has a part to play here.

  5. Hi everybody,
    i ws in the ahmedabad edition of this quiz.
    got blowed up in the prelims as i cud get only 16 correct.
    the prelims was quite easy as compared to previous years.
    some questions from prelims:
    1.logo of twitter
    2.logo of playstation network
    3.who is the current ceo of yahoo(carol bartz)
    4.pic of n. chandrasekaran
    5.’broadcast yourself, name the company(youtube) is of which company.(google)
    7.which company was previously named pcs limited.(dell)
    8.expand JVM.(Java Virtual Machine)
    9.Which language did John Backus develop in 1957 with IBM.(FORTRAN)
    10.DS and Gameboy are of which company.(nintendo) the internet calling unit of ebay which was recently sold by it.(Skype)
    12.circuit diagram of USB shown

  6. @dhruv
    r u sure these questions were from thw ahemdabad round?
    the paper is the same as the lucknow round !
    each and every question !
    and u still managared to score 16?
    in lucknow the cut off was 20(yes u read that right)

    • yeah dude…these ques were frm ahd round..hmm i think did a fair job gettin 16 correct… incredible cutoff!!!wat bout u???

  7. Yes i got 17 (due to some foolishness, i could have easily got 19)these r my mistakes-
    1.for the question on who bought satyam, i wrote mahindra and mahindra instead of tech mahindra ROFL
    2.for that usb diagram question, i wrote pen drive instead of usb, LOL
    I just didnt know that sony playstation network logo and i knew all the other questions. Even a noob wud know such easy ones.
    and yes if u still cant score in such an easy paper, forget about TCS !

  8. @dhruv n samridh-
    i would like to correct you.the cutoff for the lucknow edition was 19….we got 18 correct …still names werent mentioned…by the way ..are you guys participating this time?

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