Brand Equity Quiz 2009 – Delhi Questions

Accenture won the Delhi round of BEQ ’09 followed by NTPC and Samridhi Finance.

Find below questions from the Delhi Prelims (As questions are thanks to a telephonic conversation, the possibility of inaccuracy is extremely high. I’d therefore request Delhi participants/audience to write back in case of any mistakes. Thanks)

1) Turnover of 5 crores, supplier to MCD. Identify Entity?

Ans: Tihar Jail

2) Who said- ‘99% of advertising does Not work?’

Ans: David Ogilvy

3) 1920s- Postage stamp scam. Identify individual involved?

Ans: Charles Ponzi

4) Who are Scarlett Collared Workers?

Ans: Women who operate Porn Sites

5) Which company was the first to use a celebrity spokesperson?

Ans: Coca Cola

6) Reckitt Benckiser has recently launched two new flavours of Rose and Orange for which brand?

Ans: Harpic

7) After Sony and Disney, Warner Bros entered India producing which movie?

Ans: Chandni Chowk to China

8) BATOVKA was a first from this company and launched in 1897. Which company?

Ans: Bata

9) What is the symbol of Chiranjeevi’s party?

Ans: Railway Engine

10) Iceland lifted a ban on which product after many years?

Ans: Beer

11) Dabur to tie up with 150 Dhabas to promote sales for which brand  ?

Ans: Hajmola

12) 90% of rubies and 80% of teak from which country?

Ans: Burma

13) Which comic hero’s first book auction got around $300,000?

Ans: Superman

14) When Steve Jobs became CEO after his interim stint, what four letter word did he use for his designation?

Ans: iCEO

15) Sunil Chetri wears the jersey of which brand?

Ans: Kingfisher

17) What do you call a Simple Uncomplicated Financial Transaction?

Ans: Vanila Transaction

18) Lotta, Lifesavers etc are brands from?

Ans: Wrigley’s

19) Bell Boy was the first?

Ans: Paging system

20) Expand FFP?

Ans: Frequent Flyer Programme

21) ROFL: What is right- Le Meridien or La Meridien?

Ans: Le Meridien

22) Who is known as the Dr Spock of Management?

Ans: Peter Drucker

23) This product was built in 7 days for the Second World War. Identify

Ans: Willys Jeep

24) What is the Times Now Election analysis programme called?

Ans: Decision 09

25) What was the name of the Charles Dickens seaside home/mansion sold for 2 million pounds

Ans: Bleak House

26) Picture: Chanda Kochar

27) Product: Maskara

28) Ad: 7-7 (Double Seven)

29) Pic: Adam Smith

30) Ad: Royal Enfield

Questions from the other cities

Questions from Tata Crucible

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2 thoughts on “Brand Equity Quiz 2009 – Delhi Questions

  1. Hi Rohit,

    there r little discrepancies in some questions….like:

    11) Dabur to launch 150 Dhabas under which brand?

    correct : Dabur to tie up with 150 Dhabas for which brand to promote sales?

    12) 90% of rubies and 80% of tea from which country?

    It’s ”teak”, not tea..since Burma is synonymous of teak !

    Kuldeep Jain
    Greater Noida.

  2. Dear Kuldeep,

    Rohit wrote ‘teak’ dear; not ‘tea’ in Q12 ….

    I think u missed ‘K’ dear – Rakesh Roshan and Ekta Kapoor, SRKKKKKKK and even yesteryears’ Bollywood director J Om Prakash ( Dad in law of Rakesh Roshan ) would “Kkkkkkk”ill you for that.

    LOL man…


    Ranjeet Varma,
    Samridhi Finance

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