Brand Equity Quiz 2009 – Bangalore Review & Questions

BEQ Bangalore was a fun filled event with Derek at his ‘unusual’ best. Good jokes interspersing good content. Tough battle for the title till the wire, but a composed IBM team won the Bangalore Edition. The other three teams in close contention till the last question were Kotak, Yahoo and Nokia.

The finalists

Cisco (Madhukar & Sri)

IBM (Lahar & Sumantro)


Kotak (Prasad Shetty)

Nokia (Anish Raju & Arvind Ramaih)

Yahoo! (Tejaswi & Ajay Kasargod)

The Prelims

1) In 2001, Canara Bank opened Bangalore’s first of its kind branch to cater exclusively to?

Ans: Women

2) The idea of using an ___ ___ in the automation industry came from the process adopted at the armour and swift meat packing.

Ans: Assembly Line

3) What is the longest running musical on Broadway?

Ans: Phantom of the Opera

4) Some commercial airlines have a three man cockpit- The Captain, First Officer and?

And: Flight Engineer

5) Which MNC’s inhouse production company in the UK is named ‘Glass and a half full productions’?

Ans: Cadbury

6) Who uses an armoured Cadillac codenamed ‘Stagecoach’?

Ans: Barack Obama

7) In 1948, which brand was launched when Josephine Esther Mentzer first got counter space on Fifth Avenue?

Ans: Estee Lauder

8) Walker, Nasty and Podium are brands of ___ manufactured in Bellary?

Ans: Denim/Jeans

9) Which actor is the brand ambassador of the newly launched Fanta Apple?

Ans: Genelia D’Souza

10) In the 1920s, which product obtained from a raw material white in colour was dubbed ‘white gold’?

Ans: Rubber

11) In 1923, Frank Parrson applied for a patent dor a frozen ice stick called?

Ans: Popsicle

12) Which board member of Godfrey Philips is also a high profile gentleman from Rajasthan?

Ans: Lalit Modi

13) What originated at Sian, followed by the Great Wall of China, bypassed Takla Makan desert, climbed the Pamir and crossed Afgan?

Ans: Silk Route

14) In 1944, the handwritten copy of which scientist’s work on Electrodynamics was sold for 6 million dollars to finance the war?

Ans: Einstein

15) In the 1926 British budget, which British Chancellor of Exchequer introduced a tax on betting?

Ans: Winston Churchill

16) Which concept was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson?

Ans: Guerilla Marketing

17) In a Lok Sabha election, what is the security deposit a candidate has to pay?

Ans: Rs 10,000

18) This year Mattel has modelled Barbie on?

Ans: Angela Merkel

19) FICO score was developed by Fair Isaac & Co. What does it score?

Ans: Credit

20) Edge wrist watches from Titan set new word standard for?

Ans: Thinness

21)Sockeye, Coho, the King, the pink etc are types of?

Ans: Salmon

22) The dutch word for Master inspired which four letter English word which is used in office?

Ans: Boss

23) After a strike by Toyota workers in 1950, they were given lifetime employment. Manager Taiichi Ohno developed ways to up efficiency without cutting jobs. What?

Ans: TQM

24) In the US, extra long twin, eastern king and Olympia queen are sizes of?

Ans: Beds

25) Some of India’s top technological institutes recently collaborated to produce Saksat available at Rs 500. What is Sakshat?

Ans: Low cost PC

26) Pic of a ‘world famous’ street

Ans:Brigade Road

27) Logo of

Ans: Chennai Superkings

28) Photo of Board of Directors of which Indian institution?

Ans: Reserve Bank of India

29) Ad campaign. Id advertiser

Ans: Camel

30) Photo

Ans: Tommy Hilfiger

For Questions from this year’s Edition Click here

Questions from BEQ ‘08 here


10 thoughts on “Brand Equity Quiz 2009 – Bangalore Review & Questions

  1. Cut-off was definitely 19 since there were 5 teams tied on 18 – CTS,Fair Isaac & Co (FICO), Oracle,KPMG and yours truly from IBM!

  2. @dhananjay- spot on. ex infosys..

    @ nikhil, sumantra- thanks guys..

    @saurabh- i dont know if u asked wrt questions, if so i dont think so.. but his theme like bond, politics etc which hav been fun has very interestingly changed to a very touching and warm cause- emerging from darkness: celebrating 200 yrs of louis braille. very good video that starts this off.

  3. Of course, Fanta Apple’s brand ambassador is Asin. Genelia is brand ambassador for the regular orange Fanta.

    That apart, not a bad set of elims questions, though I’d imagine it was a rather high cutoff?

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