K-Factory '09: Review & Questions

Details of this quiz

QM: Snehaj Srinivasan

Good content was the USP of the quiz and quizmaster. Also important to note was the gradation of rounds in the finals (easiest first ending with a Stage 2).

Quiz had two LVCs, a brands round on buzzer. A few dry rounds and a theme round.

A good quiz with a vibrant audience marked K-Factory as the main event of ICE ’09.

Special mention to the great hospitality of DMS (esp the incharge Sadiya). Definitely hope to quiz again in God’s own country..

Winners: Rohit Nair (UVCE, Bangalore)

Runners Up: Midhun & Sandeep (CUSAT)


1. Starting the game with a tribute..In March 2009, which music company received nearly $200,000 from Indian National Congress party for the use of the song and its use in its national campaign in the upcoming 2009 Indian General Elections.

Ans: T- Series

2.When MS Oberoi was working as a clerk at Cecil hotel Simla, a famous barrister gave him RS 100 as tip for helping him to type a 6 page legal document.

Identify this famous barrister.

Ans: Motilal Nehru

3.Where is the head quarters of Indian Coffee House located?

Ans: Trichur

4.Percy Holmes and Herbert Sutcliffe had a huge partnership for Yorkshire vs Essex in 1932. According to legend, which brand of cigarette this give rise to?

Ans: 555

5.Edison’s greatest success made Harley Procter to rethink and concentrate on Ivory brand of soaps. What was the other business which he was forced to wind up following Edison’s greatest success?

Ans: Candlemaker

6.The $6.7 billion Mahindra Group, one of the top 10 leading business houses in India, has announced its initial entry into boat manufacturing. Under what brand name?

Ans: Odyssea

7.Which famous Ad character was created based on Alyque Padamsee’s mother – a very stubborn still noble hearted lady?

Ans: Lalitaji

8.Special shows only for women was an innovative marketing strategy started by Shekhar Kapoor in the film _______ later followed by Fire & Kamasutra. Fill up

Ans: Bandit Queen

9.Which famous business group of Kerala is head quartered at No:46 , Sivasakthi Industrial Estate, Andheri Worli road, Mumbai?

Ans: Jyothi Laboratories

10.Which country,with Port Louis as its capital signed a deal with India to buy its light weight helicopter ‘Dhruv’ for its police forces?

Ans: Mauritius

11. America’s top earning business head, a co-CEO Sanjay Jha, got a package of $104 million in 2008. It is said to be 10 times more than India’s top-paid business chief, Mukesh Ambani with a remuneration of Rs 44.02 crore in 2007-08.

Sanjay Jha works for?

Ans: Motorola

12.Which brand of bike asks “Why should boys have all the fun”?

Ans: Hero Honda Pleasure

13. __________ is a public holding company, incorporated in Saudi Arabia, and is the largest company in Saudi Arabia.It is controlled by Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz, and is headquartered in the city of Riyadh. The company is publicly listed in the Saudi Stock Exchange but only 6% of the shares are public, the rest is privately owned with the majority stakeholder, Prince Alwaleed holding 94% shares.

Ans: Kingdom Holdings

14.”He was never an LSE student and he does not have an LSE degree,” The spokesman of London School of Economics told media few days back, commenting on reports that ‘X’ had a law degree from the LSE. Identify the politician ‘X’.

Ans: Varun Gandhi

15.This state doesnot have coal or iron ore, yet it is the no:1 manufacturer of steel pipes in the country. It does not have a diamond mine. Yet 80 % of the polished diamonds are made here. Which state we are talking about?

Ans: Gujarat

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