Be the Quizmaster BEQ '08

1) David Ogilvy’s rejection of an account which initially came to him was something he regretted for long. Which account?

Ans: Xerox

2) Which short form of a brand name is also used for two pollutants /impure elements?

Ans: Coke– term also used for coal and cocaine

3) What is the treaty of Park Avenue?

Ans: The Arthur C Clarke- Isaac Asimov treaty finalised while they drove through Park Avenue, in which each acknowledged the other as superior

4) In Poland, Microsoft took a group of journalists into a submarine. Why?

Ans: To show what a world without windows was like

5) Which brand claims to be the first to be visible from outer space?

Ans: Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)– A 87,500 sq ft logo created in the Nevada Desert is claimed to be visible from outer space

6) A group named ‘Three Star Club’ used to exist in Mumbai in the 1990s. What was the eligibility to be a member of this club?

Ans: Ownership of a Mercedes

7) With which well knwn brand are the companies Bector Foods, Dynamix Dairies and Amrit Foods associated?

Ans: McDonalds

8) What is common to Godrej, Titan and GSM technology?

Ans: EDGE– a refrigerator brand from Godrej, a watvh brand from Titan and a data transmission technology in GSM

9) Which former Indian Union Minister was also the founder of a famous British publishing house?

Ans: V.K Krishna Menon, co-founder of Penguin and Pelican

10) Which country recruited its first astronaut with an ad on radio?

Ans: United Kingdom which recruited Helen Sharman through a radio ad. She flew aboard Soyuz mission TM-12, launched on May 18, 1991

11) In 1996, John Leonard of Seattle, Washington, actually ‘won’ the ‘unwinnable’ prize in a Pepsi contest. What was the prize?

Ans: An AV-8 Harrier II fighter plane

12) What do ‘Mercedes’ and ‘Nirma’ have in common?

Ans: Both have been named after the daughters of their owners/founders

13) By what brand name is ‘Barbara Millicent Roberts’ better known

Ans: Barbie, the doll

14) What is the connection between Onkyo, Sony and Concorde?

Ans: Sound. In Latin, ‘Sonus’ means sound; in Japanese ‘Onkyo’ means sound and ‘Concorde’ is the aircraft which can fly twice as fast as the speed of sound

15) The brand name of a musical instrument was formed from the surnames of the founders, Tsutomu Katoh and Tadashi Osanai. What was the name?

Ans: Korg

16) The company is named after the two founders who died within days of each other in 1948. Although they never met, their companies merged 41 years after their death. Name the company as we know it today.

Ans: Ernst & Young

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