Tata Crucible Campus 2009 – Bangalore

All questions from finals here


1. Ice cream brand advertised with the slogan count the no. of flavours when the flavours count if u can etc?

Baskin Robbins

2. Print ad on Barack Obama published by? Times Now

3. Planet is a computer disposal system from which pc manufacturer? HP

4. Tim Cook is the stand in CEO of? apple

5. Mom & Me stores from which indian auto major? Mahindra&Mahindra

6. Pic of Jack Trout

7. Japanese brand gets its name from house of gods? Olympus

8. Speciality stores launched by Titan in Bangalore? Helios

9. Neckties & More stores by which indian apparel giant? Raymond’s

10.Pic of Ivanka Trump

11.Son of which indian liquor baron will start working at Diageo? (He said you cant miss it at Bangalore) Vijay Mallya

12.Bob the builder and Daemon rights have been taken by which co. more famous in luggage and baggage industry? VIP

13.Pic of Jeep old logo

14.Jai ho played in the background. Who is the distributor? (movie distributor) Fox Searchlight

15.It was founded in 1927 by Americans Bennett Cerf, Christopher Coombes and Donald Klopfer. they are the world’s largest English-language general trade book publishers.

Random House Publications

16.Fiat Logo transformation

17.Live Planet Productions Matt damon and who? Ben Affleck

18.Pond’s Ad of Neha Dhupia and Saif Ali Khan and Priyanka Chopra

19. fever 104 fm print ad

20. Colour combi of CAN from red & white logo of Cornell uni something? Campbell Soup

Top 4 to qualify

1. RVCE (Samartha & Harish)

2. IIM-B (Siddharth & Rahul)

3. BMS College of Engineering (Santosh & Balram)

4. Christ University (Kuldeep & Sankarshan)

Top 2 to qualify on WildCard

1. IIPM (Deexita & Jayanth)

2. Christ University (Abhinav & Anirudh)

Christ University ( Kuldeep & sankarshan) won handomely.. A phlegmatic team, conspicous only by the fantastic answers they give (They are also the defending ET in Campus Bangalore Champions).. IIMB gave the title a late shot with some good textbook answers but that wasn’t enough to dismantle Christ’s lead.

As for the quiz, the prelim yet again was a typical Crucible/ Pickbrain prelim with very high current affairs concentration but the final redeemed any bad taste left in the mouth. Some very good dry and visual questions with the typical lateral connects and 3 clue questions adding to the total tally. All in all, good quiz. Giri was flamboyant, as usual and Christ were great..

Wishing Kullu and Sanky the very best of luck for the National and International Final..

Bring home the cup darlings!!

All questions from finals here

Questions from other centres here


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